NCLAC Membership

The North Central Louisiana Arts council depends on membership funds to help operate all of our programs.  Below is a word from Richard Lewis (NCLAC's Board Treasurer) about why he became a member.  Richard Lewis

I was recently asked why I became a member of the North Central Louisiana Arts Council.  The only answer I could come up with was “because I was asked”.  Initially I refused because I knew I lacked any artist talent and felt I had little to contribute.  Billy Chandler (Ruston Community Theatre Board Member) was quick to point out – you attend the shows, enjoy the theater, and I can tell you enjoy the arts –we can sure use you."  I’m glad I listened.

 I've always had an appreciation for the arts, but it wasn't until I became a member that I realized I had something to contribute.  Although not an artist myself, I was able to help the council through my other strengths. I currently serve as the Treasurer for the Arts Council and have for about twelve years.   I enjoy seeing the impact we make on our community and having the opportunity to share that with my family.  I've seen the arts council’s impact on children through our MARK (making art reach kids) programming and I've also seen the positive changes that it can have on our downtown. 

 When you become a NCLAC member you will have the opportunity to help fund a variety of programs that impact different aspects of our surrounding community. 

 NCLAC membership helps provide support for the following

  • Arts in Education Programs
  • Scholarships for At-risk Youth
  • Historical and Fine Arts Exhibition
  • Professional Development for Regional Artists
  • Cultural Economy Projects
  • Rural Outreach & Much More...

 In closing I would like to ask you to become a member of NCLAC.

(Membership forms are below in the small gray box. )