HAT: Create! at Sundown Tavern

Hello again everyone! This is Klervae’ asking you to come and Create! at Sundown Tavern with featured artists Todd Cloe and Emily Ezell and music by the Ken Carter Quartet. Animus, by Emily Ezell

rings by Todd Cloe

Todd Cloe is an Oklahoma native and is the creator of Cloe Studios. Cloe Studios is a purveyor of one a kind fine art items. This includes custom handcrafted wood rings, benches, and sculptures. Cloe mentioned he has two benches and three large sculptures at the Monroe airport. Cloe’s inspiration comes from ancient artifacts and from Native American history as well as from nature. Cloe combines this inspiration with personal experiences to create beautiful, hand crafted works of art. Cloe is currently employed in Louisiana Tech University’s School of Art department.

“Working directly from a model is key in maintaining the freshness of my work,” is what Emily Ezell says about her work. In charcoal Ezell focuses on the atmosphere a body creates in space. Her use of color in painting and pastel serves to clarify a mood as well as shroud reality in the environment of the painting. Rather than physical action, Ezell focuses the content on the inward psychology of passive figures. The subjects are provided kinetic energy through aggressive, structural marks. Tension is further emphasized by lucid color and flat space to accompany the simple content. Building a composition around the complex physical and emotional space between artist and model, her work weaves between clarity and obscurity.

Emily Ezell


Todd Cloe

On Friday from 5-8pm, the Ken Carter Quartet will be performing. This jazz ensemble with Ken, Joshua, Chris and David is sure to please. The group is made of musicians from Ruston, as well as ULM. We all know the Sundown stage is a great place to see a show, so take advantage of this no-cover performance by the talented group.  Have a drink and a turkey melt while you're there...

For more information and a complete schedule of the HAT visit www.nclarts.org, or call 318.255.1450. Hope to see you there!