Art Talk Monday

This week's Art Talk Monday written by John Emory, Jr., President of the Dixie Center for the Arts Board of Directors. When I first got word that Grant Terry was planning a Ruston concert in 2013, I immediately recalled the time I saw the young artist playing on a beautiful summer day in Railroad Park.  North Central Louisiana Arts Council presented free concerts in the park with an array of young talent from around the region.  Grant was one of those who really stood out while he performed his songs as only a writer can. It was obvious, even in those days, that the Ruston native was building a fan base as friends and family joined on the concrete steps to encourage the emerging artist.

Move ahead a few years and you’ll find the performer living and working in Nashville, while touring the country building his fan base and finding his rightful place in the recording industry.  Grant picked up a guitar for the first time while playing baseball at Northeast Texas.  The college freshmen found that baseball was not his only passion, “Shortly after picking up the guitar I became fascinated with the craft of songwriting”.  Since those early days in Texas he’s been crafting songs that come from deep inside the man.

Each song of Grant Terry’s leaves one coming back for more.  With his catchy hooks and heart-felt lyrics you’re in for a very entertaining evening that can only be found in a live show.  Most importantly, not only does he have passion for music, but a passion for people as well.  At any show, you’ll find Grant meeting people before and after the concert.  His ability to connect with his fans through his music makes him truly stand out.

Grant’s musical roots run deep in Ruston.  As he will tell everyone, “I grew up hearing stories of my mom, formerly Candee Green, singing at the Dixie Theatre with Joe Woods and the Wildwood Express.  It’s been a dream of mine to play there.  I’ve played all over the country, but there’s nothing like coming home.”  And I’m sure we’ll all agree  that there will be nothing better for all of us.

Grant Terry

Grant also welcomes special guest and Ruston native, Robby Earle, to the Dixie stage.   When Robby left Ruston to enter Belmont University in Nashville, he left his band behind but not his desire to continue his musical endeavors.  In Nashville he adapted a new promotion and writing process, promoting not for a band, but for just himself as an artist.  As Robby sums it up, “It’s been different promoting by myself, meeting people, and getting people out to the show.”

When he started writing music in high school, Robby’s band would pitch in on the collaboration and structure of the songs, and the songwriting process.  Now he’s writing music on a completely independent scale.  “I always enjoyed collaborating with my band.  Now, exactly how I envision the song in my head, it comes out that way.”

Two Ruston natives, two great songwriters, and one evening at the Dixie.  The concert begins at 7pm, Saturday, January 5. Reserved tickets are $10.00 each and available in advance at Patton’s Western Wear and Townsend House Gifts, plus Saturday night at the Dixie.