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Cannot resist the Holiday decorations! Okay, I must. There are so many cute Christmas decorating ideas out there but I’m still looking forward to Thanksgiving! What do I think of when I think of this delicious holiday? First, what are we going to cook? Second, when is nap time? Third, what will we do when we’re not napping? Finally, how can we decorate to get in the spirit!? Centerpieces are a great way and simple way to warm up the house and make the table more interesting as everyone is gathered around. Since so much time is spent in the kitchen on Thanksgiving in my family, why not decorate the kitchen too? Make a Cake Stand out of Flower Pots

I love cake stands. They could be used for so much more than what they are made for. They also make great table centerpieces or counter decorations. You could paint your own stand to match your kitchen, a season, or a holiday party perfectly. For this, glue a small pot to the bottom of your pot base. Once it dries, spray the entire stand. For a stenciled effect, spray one layer of color over the whole thing first, then use a stencil to spray one designs. You can always paint your cake stand by hand of course.

 Make a Fall Hurricane Candle Vase

The maker of these vases used the entire set as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I love how she used only a few simple items to make a beautiful piece. For this project, any vase or glass will work. Fill the vase about halfway with corn. Place your candle on top and use twine to tie one or two artificial leaves around the candle for a pop of color! The candle will make the colors in the leaves glow. I can just smell the Thanksgiving food around the corner! To follow the My Heart’s Desire blog, go to http://www.myheartsdesireblog.com/.

Make a Felt Flower Centerpiece

I am getting more and more drawn to these felt flower decorations. When you can put them on anything, pillows, wreaths, headbands, it’s hard not to take notice of this trend. For this project just get a small ceramic pot, a 4-inch Styrofoam ball, 25-30 sewing pins, seven sheets of felt, and a hot glue gun. Once you roll your felt in to flower shapes, place your hot glue on the base of the flowers and let it sit for 5 seconds or so, so you don’t melt your Styrofoam. Organize your flowers to fill up the foam ball but leave the base empty. Add a pin to the center of each flower for extra support and place your flower ball on to your flower pot. If you don’t want an orange pot standing out in your house, you could use the ideas from the cake stand, and paint your pot a different color. Inspiration! For more pictures of the process go to http://linesacrossmyface.blogspot.com/2011/09/fall-felt-flower-centerpiece.html.

Decorate your kitchen towel

Everyone needs to have a cozy kitchen to go with that delicious Thanksgiving comfort food. Make your own decorative towels to brighten up your kitchen. You could even make your own seasonal napkins to put on your table for everyone on Thanksgiving Day! Since I am terrible at sewing, much worse at writing out the process, go to http://laurabrowe.blogspot.com/2010/09/sip-n-sew.html for directions on how to make these and more pictures!

Make some Wall Art

Granted this project idea is not holiday themed or even Fall related but I couldn’t resist sharing. All you need is…scrapbooking materials? With square sheets of foam, scrapbooking sheets, ribbon, glue, and wall hanger, you can change a space completely. What I like about this project is that it is an easy way to add patterns to a space, making it more interesting but without making it look overdone. I really like all of the possibilities and different variations with this too. For step-by-step directions, go to http://www.curbly.com/DIY-Maven/posts/3269-making-wall-art-out-of-styrofoam.

Okay, because I am writing this on the day of the LSU vs Alabama game I had to share this picture for those football lovers. Enjoy!

Chocolate covered football strawberries

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