Volunteerism....it does a body good

Good evening, all. Volunteering is important. Plain and simple. I can elaborate, and tell you that it makes you feel good, or that it's helpful, or that it makes the world go 'round, but I'm sure you already know that. Some of us have money to donate to causes we support, and some of us do not. But money isn't the only thing that can be contributed. The donation of time, even if only a few hours, is extremely helpful in the world of nonprofits, where often there isn't enough staff, and there is always much work to be done.

This summer I was pleasantly surprised at the number of young people, both high school and university students, who were willing and able to volunteer for NCLAC's Summer Arts Camps. They made camp possible, as their assistance enabled us to keep the tuition low for students' families. Our mission, in addition to fostering creativity, includes establishing a strong presence of the arts where the community can thrive. These were both enabled by our wonderful community volunteers.

Here are a few opportunities coming up in our regional "arts world" where your heart and hands could be of service:

Black Bayou is having their annual fall celebration on Saturday, October 13, and they have asked the Masur Museum to participate. Could you volunteer with the museum that day from 10:00 to 3:00? They need about 3 or 4 people. This is at Black Bayou, north of Monroe on Hwy 165. It's an absolutely beautiful place to visit. Contact  Jenny, Christal or Kaitlin at the Masur for details, 318.329.2237

We at NCLAC are planning our big fall fundraiser, Artoberfest, for Friday, October 5. We need volunteers for this fun event, to serve beer, sell raffle tickets, refill food, etc. It's a long night, beginning at 4pm, running till 10, but you get to enjoy the festivities for a portion of the evening. There is a mandatory meeting for these volunteers, on September 27 at Fine Line Art Supply, where you will receive your volunteer pass, job assignment, and dinner. Call our office for more information, 318.255.1450

Moving into November, the Masur has its Fall Festival on Saturday, November 10 from 2-5pm. 6-8 volunteers will be needed to work at the museum in Monroe. Jenny Burnham is the contact; you may reach her at 318.329.2237

November 15-18 is NCLAC's 15th Annual Holiday Arts Tour. We will need survey takers, walk-around photographers, sign distributors, and beforehand-- bulk mailers! Contact Jessica Slaughter at the office at 318.255.1450 for details on this big event.