Textile, Art and Function

I have come across some pretty awesome articles and videos lately that I really geeked out over and, since the Arts Council has trusted me with this prestige of logging my thoughts, I thought I'd thrust my ideas upon you. The first article I came across was this one about a Japanese artist named Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam who designs wonderfully colorful playgrounds and then proceeds to create them by hand.  'Whateves,' you may say, 'No big deal.' Well, take a look at this.


This playground started with a lifelong pursuit of textile art- creating something three dimensional out of string.  Mrs. MacAdam also talks in the article a lot about her passion for creating these playground wonderlands.

The next thing I came across was a video about an art instillation.  It takes chunky knitting to the max.  Check it out:


Can you imagine?  I think I'll just start knitting like that from now on.  Then I can get my workout in and knit at the same time (which is really the only complaint I have).

So, I'll just let those awesome creations sink in- and leave you with this:  That's just the tip of the iceberg.