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There are always Opportunities!

Sophia here with more opportunities for our local artists! With just one more month before I leave Louisiana, I smirk at the thought that I am now noticing so many more exhibition opportunities than I have in the past. Perfect timing, right? Well, yes! It's never too late. First on the charts we have the Art Melt, the largest multi-media juried art exhibit in Louisiana, showcasing the artistic, musical and culinary talents of the state! This will be Forum 35's tenth Annual Art Melt with an opening on July 20th. To enter your artwork, visit between March 1st and June 1st. This is the first step! Show your artwork outside of Ruston... outside of North Louisiana... and into Baton Rouge for the Art Melt! You'll soon make your way into those national, out of state exhibits!

Untitled1For Art Melt media inquiries, please contact Art Melt chair Rebecca Alexander at

To request a sponsorship packet, please contact Forum 35’s VP of Development Melissa Parmelee at

For Forum 35 media inquiries, please contact VP of Communications Jacqueline Stalls at

Next on this week's list is the ARS FEMINA, through An interesting twist on what you may think of as an art exhibit, the 2nd Online Annual Of Contemporary Art is an opportunity to have your work displayed for one year in their online gallery. Yes, I said it, an ONLINE GALLERY. The competition is open to all artists and is judged solely by visuals submitted online or attachment. All accepted works that pass the screening will entry into competition and will be exhibited 12 months beginning with the date of the inclusion.Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 11.17.41 PM

The Art Addiction art project quickly evolved into an efficacious on-line art marketing entity, an endeavor that has grown and flourished throughout the last two decades. By formalizing an on-line ‘business-of-art’ model, expenditures and overhead attributed to the sale of art have been slashed, commensurate with increased profitability for the associated artists. 

You may view the application by clicking here and submit your works to Note that if your work is chosen, you will need to provide pictures at 'print resolution' for publication in their collective  art books.

Interesting facts about Art Addiction:

-Art Addiction Online Gallery is probably world's oldest art website! -In August 1991 Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the first website. -In June 1992 Art Addiction launched the first ever online art gallery -Art Addiction curate 54 int'l exhibitions and exposed over 6000 fine artists

I don't know about you, but this online gallery sounds amazing! No delivery of artwork, more publicity for your artwork, and a whole year on this website! There's no doubt about it... I will be submitting to both of these amazing opportunities.