Secrets of an Arts Administrator

“Secrets of an Arts Adminstrator” will be a weekly blog post featuring anecdote from regional administrators/educators in the creative field.  It is NCLAC’s hope that through these real life experiences artists in all fields can gain practical knowledge for the industry.  As the famous author C.S. Lewis once said “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” Topic Three: Just Apply

This is less of a life experience and more of a soap box post.  So excuse me as this little lady steps up and gives her opinion.  Currently the Louisiana Division of the Arts is taking applications for Career Advancement Grants for Artists.  I've been blabbing about this grant since I got the first announcement email and I feel like I am beating a dead horse but here goes again...


Now for my soap box, these grant monies are available because people in the arts administrative world work for it.  They lobby, argue, and write defending the importance of art and money for individual artists.  They talk about it so much and so intensely they often find themselves yelling at complete strangers. (Okay, maybe not all of them but I have definitely yelled at a few people and not all of them were strangers.)  They work because they think your work is important, so important that they believe you deserve extra funding just to produce  it.  So if you are a visual artist, dancer, actor, musician, writer, or media artist APPLY.

Do it.  Your work is important and what you do deserves funding.

This weeks post is by Leigh Anne Chambers, Executive Director of the North Central Louisiana Arts Council.  

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