Secrets of an Arts Administrator

“Secrets of an Arts Adminstrator” will be a weekly blog post featuring anecdote from regional administrators/educators in the creative field.  It is NCLAC’s hope that through these real life experiences artists in all fields can gain practical knowledge for the industry.  As the famous author C.S. Lewis once said “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” Topic Two: Google the Date

Recently I was planning an upcoming exhibition for an artist to be featured at Crescent City Coffeehouse.  The artist is a very talented regional photographer Bess Bieluczyk (check out her amazing work here  I checked the date for conflicts with other art events, civic events, and local sporting events.  The date was suprisingly clear.  Feeling relived I scheduled and began advertising.

Right after I had printed and addressed the last postcard I received an email from a NCLAC member with one question "Isn't that Super Bowl Sunday?".

There you have it ladies and gentlemen.  Google the date.  Do it.  It takes less than a minute.

Luckily the game does not start until later in the day and our event begins at 2pm which gives everyone more than enough time to come by see some amazing work and grab a beverage before engaging in football celebration.  Since our Saints might be a contender what's more perfect than some yummy beignets for your partying pleasure.