SAC Encounter

We have reached the end of the 2011 Summer Arts Camp season. As this is my first summer as NCLAC's Educational Coordinator, this has been an exciting time for me. We held 6 weeks of camps in 5 parishes. Our teachers taught lessons ranging from Japanese puppetry to Klimt's Tree of Life. There were improv scenarios performed in Drama, and scary monsters drawn in 2D Art. Magnetic fish, kinetic ferris wheels, and cyanotypes were created. Our teachers shared themselves with the kids, giving them a glimpse of all that the arts can offer. Our amazing contributors donated funds for scholarships, allowing 27 children to attend camp absolutely free, through our Pick Your Picasso campaign. I met wonderful people, such as Dr. Pat Bates in Homer, who work tirelessly to help children. You all, our dedicated supporters, donated your recyclable materials to us, so that students could see that art can be made from many things if there is a vision. Spaces in local churches, libraries and even city halls were made available for our camps. Volunteer assistants were present to lend a hand to busy teachers and students.

This is a big thank you to all those involved with our camps this year: for working so hard, for caring so much, and for believing in the importance of the arts in education.