Peach Art Exhibit Winners!!

North Central Louisiana Arts Council

24th Annual Peach Festival Art Exhibit

Welcome!  The following is a list of our 2011 winners and our sponsors who make it possible.

 Best of Show ~CatherineDavid Floral Design - $150~ Untitled, Erin Hollis

Children / Youth Best of Show ~Kathy & Chris Stone - $75~ My Friend, John Madix

Category 1 ~ Opaque 

1st from KPCH “The Peach” ($100) Trespass, Nick Bustamante

2nd from Waltz Pharmacy ($75) Morning Gleam, Mitch Overby

       3rd from The Bank of Ruston ($50) Camera & Pennywhistle, Mercury, Argus & IO, Peter Jones

Honorable Mention, The Intellectuals, Melanie Douthit

Honorable Mention, Got Milk, Jeanne Teague

Category 2 ~ Transparent 

1st from Beta Sigma Phi, Preceptor Chapter ($100) Rovenna, Italy, Dianne Douglas    

2nd from Community Trust Bank ($75) Barnyard Chatter, Joyce Beauvais

3rd from Elizabeth English ($50) Thibodeaux’s Dream, Marlen Waters

Honorable Mention, Mr. Cochran’s Memories, Dianne Douglas

Category 3 ~ Miscellaneous 

1st from Elizabeth English ($100) Flight, Lana Langston

2nd from Dawn & Edwin Pinkston ($75) Sugar, Debra Heard

3rd from Patricia & Drew Jones ($50) While the Babies Sleep, Julie Crews

Honorable Mention, Red Tree, Nan Cole

Honorable Mention, Sky, Dean Dablow

Honorable Mention, Enchanted Forest, Sierra Pearce

Category 4 ~ Original Crafts

1st Angela Norris Memorial Award ~ Community Trust Bank ($100) Tool Box #1, Chris Bartlett

2nd from Follette Pottery ($75) Chenille Tote, Bonnie Mobley

3rd from Elizabeth English ($50) Celadon Sake, Ashley Moody

Honorable Mention, Burl Poplar Bowl, Audie Maxey

Category 5 ~ Photography

1st from Ruston Daily Leader ($100) Pallet Series – Green, Peter Jones

2nd from Janine & Richard Lewis ($75) Spuds, David Hedgepeth

3rd from Elizabeth English ($50) Future Fruit, Charlotte Hood

Children ~ Ages 8 and Under

1st from Dr. Pat Stuckey ($40)  Covered-up Orange, Abbie Bryan

2nd from Dr. Pat Stuckey ($30) The 3 Grapes, Lindsey Bryan

3rd from Dr. Pat Stuckey ($20) Self Portrait,Nan Crews

Honorable Mention, The Big Green Tractor, Tucker Martin

Children ~ Ages 9 – 12

1st from Dianne Douglas & Saul Zalesch ($40) Kira Self Portrait, KiraJordan

2nd from MaryAnn & Bill Willoughby ($30) Peacock, Gwen Beasley

3rd from MaryAnn & Bill Willoughby ($20) Medieval Shield & Sword, Dallas Edwards

Honorable Mention, African Elephant Love, Arielle Douthit

Honorable Mention, Jesus & The Children, Allyson Martin

Youth ~ Ages 13 – 18

1st from Nancy & John Wallace ($40) At the Pond, Ashtin Bell

2nd from Nancy & John Wallace ($30) The Old Tree, Morgan McCullin

3rd from Nancy & John Wallace ($20) Flower Basket Still Life, Larken Hampton

Honorable Mention, Ruston in a Peach, Gaby Harpel

Honorable Mention, Cat’s Catahoula Cur, Catlin Tatum