“Opening Reception for Apron Exhibit Features Cookbook Sale”

The library is proud to announce the opening of the “Blessed Be the Tie that Binds” Apron Exhibit on April 30 in the Grambling Room of the Library Events Center through June 8.  An opening reception will be held on Tuesday, May 1 from 5-7PM in the Grambling Room. The public is invited to attend this event that will feature Friends of the Library cookbook sale that will benefit programs held at the library. The exhibit contains over 80 aprons ranging from gingham aprons, holiday aprons, and first sewing project aprons in addition to one apron that is over 100 years old. Several vintage “tools of the trade” that women used in the home will be featured in addition to the aprons.   Every apron tells a story and the public is invited to discover the women behind the aprons in “Blessed Be the Tie that Binds” Exhibit.

For centuries, creative work that originated in the domestic sphere was considered more hobby than art. Dismissed as "women's work," endeavors such as embroidery, sewing and quilting were and sometimes still are less esteemed than traditionally highbrow fare, such as painting or sculpting. However, this exhibit at the library, “Blessed Be The Tie That Binds,” aims to overturn this perception by embracing an unabashedly female domestic art form — the apron. This local exhibit highlights and celebrates the role of women in the home and the aprons they wore.

For more information concerning this upcoming exhibit contact Emily Arnold, Programming Coordinator, at 513-6444.