New Brush Hour Schedule...

NCLAC Artist Member Christiane Drieling has announced this year's Brush Hour Schedule. Christiane is a wonderful teacher, and she offers interesting projects for children and adults. For registration and more information please call Christiane  at 318-255-7422, or e-mail:

Classes for Grown-Ups

Sculpting ladies with finished heads

Sculpting Faces in Clay

September 17–24 (2 weeks)

Wednesdays, 9-11am or 7-9pm

Sculpture is one of my favorite art forms, and I love to share what I know about it. In this course, we will focus on the human face, on position and proportion of features, and how to bring out certain expressions. This time, we will work with self-hardening artist clays. – If you have taken my previous “Sculpting Faces” class, please bring your paper mache model.

This is a class for new and returning students.

Fee: $ 35 + $ 10 for supplies.

Amazing Stamps – How to Make Them

October 1–8 (2 weeks)

Wednesdays, 9-11am or 7-9pm

I will show you how you can create fantastic stamps from a variety of materials and share a few surprising printing ideas with you.  We will start with easy, yet effective, cutting techniques, and then proceed with carving more intricate designs into rubber. These stamps can be used to make beautiful stationery, wall art, clothing and accessories, linens, even jewelry.  Making stamps is so much fun. Even if you have taken this class before, you will enjoy finding out about more great stamp-making ideas.

This is a class for new and returning students.

Fee: $ 35 + $ 10 for supplies.

Amazing Stamps – How to Apply ThemStampsinBox

October 15 – November 12 (5 weeks)

Wednesdays, 9-11am or 7-9pm

Now that you have created all these amazing stamps, you are going to use them for making a variety of unique items.  We will incorporate the stamp images into larger designs and create rapports, while combining them with various painting media and techniques, or adding stitching and beading. Projects include scarves, pendants, pillows, note cards, boxes, and/or bowls.  – Please bring all of your handmade stamps to this class.

This class is for students who have taken the class “Amazing Stamps – How to Make Them” before.

Fee: $ 80 + $ 30 for supplies.

Wreathe the Wreath (weekend workshop)

Friday, November 28, 7-9pm,

and Saturday, November 29, 10am – 12pm

In Germany, preparing the advent wreath for your home marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The decorated wreath will be hanging from the ceiling or sitting on the coffee table, and the fragrance from the fir branches will add to the festive atmosphere of the season. Four Sundays before Christmas Eve the family will gather to light the first Advent candle; they will enjoy each other's company, enjoy homemade Christmas cookies and hot tea, and sing or listen to Christmas music. Every following Sunday one more candle is lit until all four are shining bright.

In this weekend class, I will show you how to make a  classic advent wreath from natural greenery with all the traditional trimmings, so that you will be ready to light the first candle at home on November 30th.

Fee: $ 35 + $ 15 for supplies.



December 3

Wednesday, 9-11am or 7-9pm

Dressing up the windows of your home for the holidays is an essential part of German Christmas traditions.

In this class I will share with you how to make stunning window decorations from large sheets of colorful transparent paper using intricate folding techniques. This specialty paper is not available here, therefore I have brought authentic materials from Germany, especially for you!

Fee: $ 20 + $ 5 for supplies.

After-School Classes for Children and Teenagers

Drawing (10 years and up) - N E W  C L A S S !ZeichnungHase

September 16 – November 11

(9 weeks)

Tuesdays, 4-6 pm

This is going to be a fun and varied class with lots of captivating projects where the young artists will learn and practice in detail the essential drawing concepts.

They will explore the choices of shading, line variety, and blending, and learn about perspective, symmetry, and composition.

In addition to working with pencils,  the students will also work with water color, pastels, and ink as I show them line-and-wash or resist techniques, and how to use dip pens.

Fee: $ 150 + $ 25.


Medieval Times (8 years and up)

October 3-17 (3 weeks)

Fridays, 4-6 pm

The kids will study typical medieval colors and patterns and take inspiration from them for their own artwork. They will paint beautiful ceramic goblets, and sew and decorate medieval belt bags.

Fee: $ 50 + $ 15 for supplies.

(More) Crazy Dream Houses (6 years and up)

September 19

Friday, 4-6 pm

Lots of you have asked me, if I could do this course project again. Of course, I can!

For this collage project, a shoe box will be transformed into a house. The kids will decorate the walls and floors and make all the furniture and appliances they need for their home. They will cut, glue, and paint, while working with fabrics and papers, ribbons, wire, plastic things and wooden parts, egg cartons, bottle caps, and lots of other cool stuff that I have in my studio. I can't wait to see what the children will come up with this time!

Fee: $ 20 + $ 5 for supplies.

Walking with Lanterns (6 years and up)

Walking with Lanterns 2013

December 2

Tuesday, 4-6 pm

For this year's event the children are going to create beautiful lanterns, shaped like an owl!

Younger children (4 or 5 years old) are also welcome to this class, if at least one parent will attend to help her or his child.

The idea behind lantern walk comes from an old German tradition: In late fall, when the days get shorter, German children like to gather to take their (handmade) paper lanterns for a walk through the night while singing old songs to the stars above. This tradition is still popular and quite magical, and something I would like to share in its entirety with your children. – As an option, parents, siblings, and friends are invited to come and join the children at 6 pm for an illuminated lantern walk through the neighborhood (about 20 min), and enjoy some German cookies and hot cider afterwards.

Last year, lots of families came together to spend the cold but heart-warming evening hours with each other in a very special atmosphere. I look very forward to sharing this joyful time with you.

Fee: $ 20 + $ 10 for supplies.

“Wake up to Art” for Preschoolers (4-6 years)

Cats on Strings

October 13 (Columbus Day, no school)

Monday, 9 am – 12 pm

The children will have fun making a sweet or a spooky cat marionette.  This cloth marionette has three strings only and is easy to operate for little hands.

Fee: $ 30 + $ 10 for supplies and snacks.

My Family

Wreathe the Wreath 2013

November 10 and 14

(2 days; no-school at MSR)

Monday and Friday, 9am – 12 pm

Getting ready for Thanksgiving, each child will create a large relief sculpture of her or his family – including pets, loveys, and (imaginary) friends! The kids will work with cardboard and wood pieces to build the relief structure. Using paint and oil pastels, I will show them how to create a fascinating blackboard effect. These wall pieces are quite personal and always turn out amazing.  They make great gifts, too!

If you would like a “complete” family made by your child, please send a list of all the family members that you would like to be included.

Fee: $ 60 + $ 15 for supplies and snacks.

Brush Hour, Christiane Drieling, 803 Glendale Drive, Ruston, Louisiana