NCLAC Member to offer classes

Fiber Art Classes for Children

Fall session, 2011       Creative Journey Studio 1208 Marbury Drive

Ages 3-5: Thursdays at 4:00 pm.

This age group will explore working with wool as their

introduction to the fiber arts world.  Projects include

felted balls, felt covered soap, and Waldorf inspired crafts.

Class  fee:  $40/month or $140/session if paid in full up front

Materials  fee: $40/session


Ages 5-7: Thursdays at 5:00 pm.

This age group will learn the basics of felting and knitting,

and they will have opportunities to weave and spin if they

desire. Projects include knitted scarves, felt covered soap,

and felt beads.

Class fee: $40/month or $140/session if paid in full up front

Materials fee $50/session

 Ages 8 & up: Thursdays at 6:00 pm

This class will learn a variety of fiber arts including felting,

spinning, weaving, and knitting.  They will learn to process

their own fiber for spinning, and use their handspun yarn in

woven and knitted pieces. They will also learn about

the history and culture of fibers arts. Projects include knitted

pouches, felted slippers,  and woven wall hangings.

Class fee: $40/month or $140/session if paid in full up front

Materials fee: $60/session

 Parents can join in and learn to create their own fiber art for an additional materials fee.

 I am a fiber artist, soapmaker and nanny. I love working with children, and I love sharing my passion for fiber with them. I work with natural materials, and I have a deep appreciation for these fibers and dyes that come from the earth. My classes are relaxed and flexible, encouraging children to pursue their interests in the world of fiber. Each child will be given guidance and attention according to their needs.

Rachel Johnston