NCLAC and NELAFLC Join Forces to Move Students Up, Not Out

The Problem Did you know Union Parish has the highest high school dropout rate in north central Louisiana?

According to the Louisiana Department of Education, nearly 40% of Union Parish teens don’t receive a high school diploma. While reasons vary, nearly half of students said they dropped out because classes were uninteresting. Others said school became too difficult.

While there are exceptions to every rule, the Alliance for Excellent Education reports those without high school diplomas are generally less healthy, have babies earlier, and die earlier. They also need social welfare more often, and their children are more likely to become dropouts, creating an endless cycle of poverty.

NCLAC’s Move Up, Not Out Philosophy

Literacy leads to academic success, and this year, NCLAC is partnering with the Northeast Louisiana Adult and Family Literacy Consortium (NELAFLC) to present our program Drama Warehouse in Union parish. Our goal is to break the dropout cycle by inspiring potential dropouts and adults who’ve dropped out to value education, so they’ll be better prepared to move up in life.

Since 1994, NCLAC has presented Drama Warehouse in Lincoln, Jackson, Bienville, Claiborne, and Union parish. Traditionally, the program has focused exclusively on the basics of theatre from auditions to performance.

This year, we will be adding a new literacy-building component. Scholarly research shows that dramatic activities increase literacy. Plus, drama is fun and boosts confidence.

While working with at-risk youth and non-traditional students in Union parish, NCLAC and NELAFLC will also encourage teacher observation and will give teachers resources about using drama to promote literacy.

How You Can Help NCLAC

NCLAC needs to raise $1500 locally to make this program happen. Your tax-deductible donation will help NCLAC pay our program coordinator and will provide supplies such as costumes and notebooks.

Coordinator Chris Tamez is currently seeking a dual Master’s degree in theatre and education, where his emphasis is on stage movement and working with children with disabilities. Chris has also coached high school football, has a Bachelor’s degree in English, and has worked with NCLAC in other programs.

Please consider partnering with us. Those who give at least $50 will be thanked on our Drama Warehouse T-shirts. Those who give $100 will receive a free T-shirt. Thank you for supporting arts and education in north central Louisiana. Further questions? Please contact us.