My Vision, My Voice set to begin

  My Vision, My Voice in Bienville Parish 2011

Beginning on September 2, the North Central Louisiana Arts Council will hold a photojournalism workshop entitled My Vision, My Voice for youth involved with Seeds of Light in Homer, LA. Seeds of Light is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to help communities restore justice by offering support to at-risk families and children affected by crime.  Their vision is that these families and children will grow into productive citizens who will eventually contribute to the public good.


Over the course of the six week program, My Vision, My Voice students will use the journalism tools of storytelling, historical and social documentation, and interviewing, to investigate and tell stories about themes of self, dreams, community, and family. Photography basics will be implemented, including considerations of lighting and composition, to go hand in hand with the writing themes. The project gives students a chance to view themselves and their community in a unique, personal way. The program will close with an exhibition of the students’ photographs and writings on Tuesday, October 7 at the Seeds of Light Ministry.


My Vision, My Voice is fashioned after a model program in Durham, North Carolina, called Literacy Through Photography, where children are encouraged to explore their environments through photographic images, and then use these images as a springboard for writing. NCLAC last held My Vision, My Voice in Bienville Parish, in partnership with an after-school program, the 21st Century Community Learning Center.


We are pleased to bring photographer Katrina Parker and multi-media journalist Dacia Idom to work with the students in Claiborne Parish. We strive to foster opportunities for creative expression, and believe in the power of arts education to promote creativity, innovation, discipline and teamwork. We have been unable to hold the program for three years due to lack of project-specific funding. However, thanks to funding from the Plum Creek Foundation, we are all set for this year! The program is free for participants, and all materials will be provided.


The Plum Creek Foundation supports non-profit organizations that improve the overall quality of life in the communities where Plum Creek operates.  The

My Vision, My Voice 2011

Foundation board meets quarterly to review submitted grant applications.  Visit to download an application and learn more about the foundation grant program in addition to other ways that Plum Creek is serving its communities.



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 This week's Art Talk Monday is written by Jessica Slaughter, NCLAC's Executive Director