More Carriage House Artists!

Hello again! Sophia here to finish introducing the Carriage House artists for the Holiday Arts Tour. Today I have the pleasure of exposing you to four unique artist producing work in the areas of ceramics, architectural sculpture, mixed media and more! Robert and Andi Moran, a very artistic couple, will both have their work on display at the Carriage House.I will begin with Robert, an architecture professor at Louisiana Tech who does sculptural artwork with architectural aspects. What could that mean?

Well, using materials suchas steel, cloth, resin, and pigment, he createsworks that are essentially function-less, but appeal to our senses as something that may be used: therefore, creating more of a connection between his audience and the work. Over the years, Robert has built a shop full of tools, as well as a library full of art and design books, both of which he loves and uses often to inspire and create his work.

Now for Robert's counter-part, Andi Moran! Andi  is a local ceramics artist whose work has been represented internationally and has been featured in publications including,but not limited to, Louisiana Life Magazine and Ceramics Monthly. She received her BFA from Louisiana Tech University with a concentration in painting only to discover later that her real love was for ceramics!

Andi focuses on the use of form and a finish on her work that transforms it into an ancient or archaic looking object. Fascination with botanical formas, historical artifacts and psychology have always influenced Andi's artwork. Her pieces range from lamps to small vessels to large wall installations!


Laura Lewis, a recent graduate from Louisiana Tech University with her Bachelors of Fine Arts, is a well rounded artist working in the areas of assemblage, collage, drawing and painting. Using this variety of mediums, Laura's work often conveys emotions revolving around grieving and loss. Her work varies so much in medium because she says she is just interested in it all that she cannot keep focused! Why bother, if she's doing great with all of it?! Be ready to see an interesting array of work  from this artist at the Carriage House.


Last, but certainly not least, the Carriage House will be hosting Miss Casey Parkinson, a graduate ceramicist at Louisiana Tech University. Casey studied ceramics at SoutheasternLouisiana University, where she received her BFA, and since she has been here at Tech, she has been making mostly functional ceramics.As of recent, she has been creating teapots that are animated in form due to her selective placement of their parts.

Casey references the human body with her creative process of how parts and pieces fit together. As a result, her pieces end up possessing personality and movement, and as she says, "quietly interact with one another." The glaze work on her pieces is usuallysimple, as to put more emphasis on her compilations of shape, gesture, and form.

Wow! Such an amazing group of artists at the Carriage House this year. I know I am looking forward to stopping at this studio space, as should you!