MLK Holiday Arts Academy Class

Hello there! Sophia here to offer another Arts Academy class for Monday, January 21st, also known as Nevelson5MLK Jr. Holiday. Are you a parent who does not have the luxury of the day off? Will your kids be out of school? Great! Register them for this one day Arts Academy class to learn about some techniques used by famous artists, such as Louise Nevelson and Henri Matisse. Nevelson4The beauty of working with kids is that their minds are still capable of running completely wild and their imagination is at its peak! Louise Nevelson produced assemblage artwork composed of scrap wood from furniture, houses or even dumpsters. Her signature is the monochromatic coating on her assemblage pieces. She dips these scraps into paint, then assembles them into 3D collages. By coating all the pieces with the same color paint, she enhances the shape and shadows created, challenging the viewer to see these scraps as abstract forms.


Henri Matisse is often categorized with the painters of art history. However, later in life he had to find a new way to express his artistic flow of ideas.  Due to illness and surgery, he had to begin using a wheelchair and lost the ability to paint as he used to.  It was not long after these events that he began cutting out shapes in paper to create collages which are now amongst the 'most admired and influential works of his career'.  "Only what I created after the illness constitutes my real self: free, liberated.”

Matisse2Both of these artists used scraps of material, then altered them to emphasize shape or form in artwork. I think that beginning with two artists such as these can open up a kid's mind to endless possibilities in the arts! I'm definitely looking forward to a fun-filled art class this Monday. Be sure to email soon to register, because space is limited and slots are filling up! Details listed below...

Monday, January 21, 2013 from 9am-3pm for students ages 7-12. Held at the Dixie Center for the Arts, supplies and a snack will be provided with the 1-day fee of $25 for NCLAC members, $30 for non-members. Also, as a special discount, pay for one student, register a sibling for half price. Please bring a sack lunch.