Missed Opportunities

This morning I am reminded of missed opportunities.  What an odd expression...  How does one "miss" an opportunity? In the past year I've blogged a lot about various subject matters regarding the "business" of art.  Most of the time I'm nervous that I am sounding preachy or pushy.  But today I realized that if I do, its only because I want to see the artists in my region succeed.  I fill strongly that they are TALENTED and I want the rest of our community, region, country, and world to see what I see.

I only write about my observations.  Things I hear, read, or witness first hand.  I've discovered a lot in the past three years but most importantly I've witnessed that the biggest stumbling block an artist faces is themselves.  These blocks come in many forms and often artist reach them and then stop.

Please don't.  Please keep going and trying.  You are talented and a hard worker.  Don't believe that what you do is not essential to our community and way of life.  The North Central Louisiana Arts Council is here for our community and you are a member of our community.  Let us know what you need or would like to see.  Let us know how we can help you grow as an artist.

Even if it's just being pushy on our blog.