Meet Your HAT Artist : Rodney Smith

Meet Rodney

Rodney Smith spent his early years on the rich soil of a family ranch and surrounding farmland in rural Winnsoboro, Louisiana.  His love for skateboarding led him to documentary photography and resulted in the completion of a BFA in photography at Louisiana Tech University.  Smith is the recipient of Best in Show, in the The Spring Show Off  exhibition juried by Jes Schrom a photography proffessor at Louisiana Tech University.  Smith has been exhibited throughout the state in galleries such as Easley Fine Art and Schepis Museum.

About his Art

I see the world differently - quite literally - becuse I have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrom.  This rare visual disorder cause mental and physical fatigue that prevents visual focus.  I find the world more  beautiful in the two-dimensional format that my camera allows me to see.  My formal education in drawing, painting, sculpture, and cermaics helped develop my attention to detail, and elements of design such as line, color, and texture in everday Louisiana life.

The Interview


NCLAC:  Can you tell us something quirky or interesting about you that sets you apart?

RODNEY: I am missing part of my ring finger.  Some people know me years before even noticing.  There are 5 different stores I tell when I'm asked how it happened.  Depending on the day and my mood you may get a totally different story than someone else.  They are all mostly true with small false concluding details.

NCLAC:  What is your favorite place in the world, and why?

RODNEY: The Mane Place (my family home ranch).  This where I first discovered photography.  I have a bazillion memories with friends and family on our ranch and the surrounding property.   I love animals and nature.

NCLAC: What gem of advice would you like to share that someone shared with you?

RODNEY: Follow the golden rule.  Treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

For more information about Smith and his artwork visit his website