Design around the World: Latin America

Latin America is occupied with 500 million people, consisting of 20 Spanish-speaking countries. They have produced unusual and energetic forms of graphic expression. Art is alive and well in the streets of Argentina, Ecuador, and Brazil. Building exteriors filled with graffiti & stencil art. Latin American design is a reflection of the rampant street art scene: colorful, cultural, soulful, and a bit naive. We see a common theme for all Latin American design: the Latino’s love for life, dance and celebration.


Most Latin American posters have evident pop art and art deco influences. It makes use of contrasting colors, wacky typography and energetic shapes.

Contemporary Latin American design has yet to fully define itself. Latin America is influenced by North America as well as Europe. Many designers in Latin America are trained abroad and are bringing home proven design practices. Unafraid of being modern, they try out new combinations of materials and form, while injecting the region's history, culture and traditions. Their design has a unique blend of hand made craft and fashion, bringing hand made products to a level of sophistication, simplicity and semi industrial design. This results in warm, energetic, dynamic and colorful design expressions.

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