Lana Langston at Turbo Goat

Good evening! Intern Jennifer Downs here, and I am proud to introduce one of our artists for the 15 Annual Holiday Arts Tour, Lana Langston! You might recognize the name because Lana has been featured in several local art exhibitions, including "Disembark," the BFA studio exhibition at Louisiana Tech, "Ruston En Plein Air" at 102 a Bistro, and art exhibition at Turbo Goat back in 2011. She also won 1st prize in the "Miscellaneous" category in the 2011 Peach Art Festival, a NCLAC "Diamond" program that celebrates our local culture and creativity. For those who have been following Lana's art over the last few years, Holiday Arts Tour is the perfect opportunity to see some of her latest work. If you are unfamiliar with Lana or her exhibitions, visit her at her tour location! You'll be in for a treat!

"Winding September"

Lana's website features her latest work and her artist statement. Her artwork reflects natural patterns, and she is particularly the Fibbonaci Sequence. She writes,

My interest has branched off from patterns in nature to include human nature and the patterns within our society and relationships that can be universally understood and emphasized with. My oil paintings focus on organic formations created by a constant history of movement in geology.

"Tree Ring" and "Take Me As I Am"

She takes advantage of mixed medias, including oil painting and fiber arts:

The process of my paintings includes layering fabric, which also carries the same quality of a small fragment creating the whole. The fabric creates a rich and varied texture lending itself to the intricacies of history and our earth.

You will be able to see Lana's artwork on display at Turbo Goat, the bike shop in downtown Ruston, located at 301 N Trenton Street. Join us November 15-18 and“Celebrate the Tradition" by supporting local artists like Lana! You can call NCLAC's offices between 9-2 on Monday-Thursday at (318) 255-1450 for more information.

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