Krewe of Allegro Royal Party Part 2.... Art Talk Monday

This 2nd installment of the Royal Party is written by Laura Hunt Miller, NCLAC Executive Assistant.     

 To continue last week’s Art Talk article, let us to introduce the Dukes and Duchesses representing the other four non-profits Imagehosting the 2014 Mardi Gras Ball: John Emory Jr. and Mary Ann Woods of the Dixie Center for the Arts; Richard and Janine Lewis of the North Central Louisiana Arts Council; Saul Zalesch and Dianne Douglas of the Ruston Community Theatre; and Kiley Stephenson and Stephanie Smith of Troupe Dixie.

     John Emory, Jr., has been the DCA Board President for the past two years, and also serves on the NCLAC Board. His dedication to the DCA has helped to keep the building operating in good condition, and the theatre proper fully booked with traveling and local shows alike. John is most proud of his contribution to keeping the neon marquee sign working.

     Mary Ann Woods is an active member of Trinity Methodist Church, and sings in their Chancel Choir. Mary Ann is the DCA Volunteer Coordinator and a member of the Board. Mary Ann has been a Dixie Dancer for several years, and annually produces the Joe Woods Wildwood Express Show, in commemoration of her late husband. Mary Ann is looking forward to seeing more young people to come out and enjoy the Ball this year!

     Ruston natives Richard and Janine Lewis have three children, and two and a half grandchildren (the half is due in April). Richard, an ardent sailor, has served on the Methodist Children's Home Board, where he recently has stepped down as Board President, and he is currently serving as Treasurer of the NCLAC Board. We thank Janine, the dedicated family shepherd, for her patience and willingness to tolerate our demand of her husband’s time! Richard and Janine are excited that all of their children will be in attendance with them at the Ball.  

     Saul Zalesch, the pillar of the Louisiana Tech University Art History division, has served on the RCT Board for 18 years, and has assisted in many of their productions. Saul is also a pivotal member of the NCLAC Board, and serves on the DCA Board as well. Saul is quite well known in his field for collecting historical ephemera and creating engaging exhibitions of with them.    

     Dianne Douglas is a Professor Emerita of Spanish at LA Tech, and a wonderful watercolor painter; she has donated examples of her work to NCLAC's Silent Auction every year since it began.  She is a native of Wewoka, Oklahoma and granddaughter of original settlers there, but she has lived in Ruston since 1979. We can’t wait to see what watercolor masterpiece she donates to the Silent Auction this year! 

     Kiley Stephenson grew up in Ruston, and spent 4 years in Japan serving in the Navy. Kiley has worked as an audiologist at the Green Clinic for the past 6 years, and has two boys with his wife Julie. This will be Kiley and Julie’s first Mardi Gras event, (ever!), so they are very excited about the Krewe of Allegro Ball, and Kiley, a supporter of Troupe Dixie, serving as their Duke.    

     Stephanie Smith grew up in Springhill, but returned to Ruston to attend LA Tech. She spent six months at her Disney World dream job before she returning to Ruston to work as a massage therapist at Smith Chiropractic Center. Stephanie is a member of the Junior Auxiliary of Ruston, and the current JA Projects Chairperson. Stephanie serves as the JA liaison for Troupe Dixie, and helps to organize their family-friendly matiness. Stephanie can't wait to cut a rug with some (single) guys at her first Mardi Gras Ball!