Ken Waldman, Poet-Fiddler, @ Bienville Parish Libraries

  Ken Walden, a  former college professor with an MFA in Creative Writing from University of Alaska Fairbanks will be at Bienville parish libraries tomorrow. Walden has published six poetry collections, a memoir, and a children's book, and is also a fiddler with nine CDs that combine old-time Appalachian-style string-band music with original poetry and storytelling.

Since 1995, he's made a living as a touring artist and offers a wide variety of programs for a wide variety of audiences. He's been all over the continent the past fifteen years and worked in Louisiana and (from 2006-2009 had a second home in Breaux Bridge, outside of Lafayette).

This Friday, he's doing two summer reading program library shows in Bienville Parish. He will be in Castor at 10 a.m. and in Saline at 2 p.m. For more information, please call 263-7410. 

Ken Waldman 337/258-5994

"He's been compared to Garrison Keillor, and the comparison fits." --Times of Acadiana, March 19, 2009