Jackson Parish Drama Workshop is a Success

This month, NCLAC facilitated a drama workshop at Quitman High School.  Jake Guinn and Andrea Graves, students in Louisiana Tech University’s theatre program, shared their knowledge of stage combat with students at Quitman High School through a mini workshop and demonstration.

 According to QHS drama teacher Alison Amidon, “[The workshop] was SUPER. The students loved it. “

She added, “ I think it really opened their eyes to a whole new career field that they had probably never considered. Jake and Andrea were so knowledgeable and presented the stage combat material in a way the students could really relate.”

 When asked about what he gained from the experience Jake responded  "While I was in high school I was not even aware of half the opportunities I am aware of now as an actor. The opportunity to go and share my experiences with other students, particularly students who aren't totally aware of all the opportunities in the arts, was a fantastic time and truly fulfilling. As a young artist, I am constantly learning of more and more possibilities that my career in the arts will offer me and if, through sharing my experiences and craft, I can interest one person in what we do, or just make them think about the world in general, then I believe my art is truly serving a purpose." 

NCLAC hopes to partner with more schools in the future to offer workshops in a variety of disciplines.  If you or someone you might know would like to arrange a workshop please contact Leigh Anne Chambers at 255-1450 or nclac5@gmail.com.