Hey again, folks! This is Rod coming to your screens this wonderfully cool October evening with some exciting news. ARToberfest was an absolute blast. If you came out and bought a raffle ticket, that was me!! Thanks for all of the support. It was a great event. And now for the big news.

Holiday Arts Tour is just over a week away, and I get to make the first round of artist introductions. I'm excited to be working with Caitlin Angel and Jennifer Downs, fellow interns, and Sophia Maras (who is NCLAC's gallery coordinator). I've had the pleasure of working with each of these wonderful young ladies the past few months and they have each made my experience so much better than if it were a bunch of Rods. So much better.

So now I get to introduce you to our first artist, Emma Case.

 Boom. There she is.

Now Emma and I go way back. We were both in architecture back in the day. We even worked together for a brief stint at the Frothy Monkey (R.I.P. Frothy Burger). Emma wised up about the same time I did, and she switched her major to studio art. I remember her telling me how great it was and how much more natural is was for her to work in that setting. She's thrived. I got to watch her walk as she graduated last spring. Emma will be showcasing some of her ceramic work as well as some 2D work. You will be able to find her at Rosemary's Kitchen.


Rosemary's Kitchen is the newest lunch spot in town. Rosemary Thomas and Sara Corley have been around Ruston a while doing the catering thing, and doing it well. Thankfully, someone convinced them to open up shop so people can come and enjoy everything they offer. I've only been twice, but I know good food when I've had it. Just look at some of my photos on facebook. Anyway, these ladies know how to whip up a delicious and healthy lunch. The first day, I had the best quiche I've had in a long time! So delicious. You can check out their latest news and menus by visiting their Facebook page.

Stay tuned every day for more artist introductions!