In the Loop

Peter Jones is known as a painter and Dean Dablow as a photographer. However, each artist works in both mediums. On May 2 from 5-7 pm, the 102 a Bistro (102 S Monroe St Ruston, LA) and the North Central Louisiana Arts Council will be hosting Elusive Precision featuring the photographs of Peter Jones and the paintings of Dean Dablow. Dablow began his undergraduate training at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point as a painter/sculptor. The camera became increasingly

intriguing as an art-making tool and his graduate training was done at the University of Iowa where he received his MFA in photography in 1974. In this current body of work, he has gone back to his painting roots. The pieces are on hollow core door panels giving the appearance of typical canvas depth. The edges are painted and some are even shaped by cutting into the rectangle, introducing a third dimension and consequently suggesting a sculptural weight and 3-D relief instead of a two-dimensional surface. Dablow says, “they are a combination of both: painted sculpture or sculpted painting.” The paintings will be for sale and they will be $200 off the original price during the opening only.

Jones completed his MFA at the University of Iowa in 1969. After which he turned to realist painting when he

discovered the abstract, formalist qualities he sought after could be better achieved painting directly from life. Jones prefers “to work from life, as the nuances of light captured by the human eye exceed the capability of the single photographic frame.” In the past few years, he has seen a renewed interest in photography and has been exploring the ways of digital photography and its capacity for subtle color adjustment that can be used to support his particular manner of working.

Peter Jones’ digital photography, presented at a small scale, and Dan Dablow’s paintings that are quite large, 40”x18”, will complement each other and present a dynamic feel for the exhibit. The opening will be on May 2 from 5-7 pm at 102 a Bistro in Ruston (102 S Monroe St).