In the Loop

Sunday, April 1st will be a great day for art! Art Innovations, located in downtown Ruston at 112 W. Alabama Ave, will be hosting an opening for their "What is Art?" exhibition Sunday, April 1st from 7-9 pm.

This juried competition will make you question beauty, aesthetic, and the basic assumption of art forms. This is a chance to find huor in life and how artists depict the world. All this and a band! Go and enjoy hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and art with a little class. Dress code is business or dressy casual. NO BLUE JEANS.

Crescent City Coffee, located at 1007 N. Trenton St in Ruston, will have the opening reception Sunday, April 1st, from 2-4 p.m. of "The Folly of our Appetites", an exhibition of recent work by regional artist Emily Ezell.

Ezell who says that she hopes to “cater to the viewer's childhood memories, their fantasies, and clandestine mysticism” work is thought provoking and engaging. It questions why society is drawn to certain colors, symbols, or imagery.

April Fool's Day will be an excellent opportunity to view some artwork. The two openings will be showing very different work and would be worth going to both!