If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour: Illustrations by Lacey Stinson

Local artist Lacey Stinson will be exhibiting a selection of illustrations he created for the children's book, If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour, at the Sugar Gallery on Art Alley in downtown Monroe, Louisiana. The exhibit opens Thursday, June 2, 2011 as part of the Monroe Gallery Crawl. Lacey asks that you please stop by the Sugar Gallery if you come to the Crawl.

The Sugar Gallery is located at 135 Art Alley (N. 2nd Street), downstairs from the Upstairs Gallery and next door to Brad Arender's photography studio.

For an appointment to visit the gallery on other days during the week, please call Leah Reitzell at (318) 537-2685, or call Lacey directly at (318) 201-7710.

Lacey Stinson (318) 201-7710 painter@DancingOkra.com www.DancingOkra.com