Homegrown: 2011 Holiday Arts Tour

Now that the tour is right around the corner Homegrown will be a daily post highlighting our Holiday Arts Tour artists. NCLAC would like to celebrate the artists living in our own backyard whether they were raised here, relocated, or just like to visit enough to call Ruston home. This years Holiday Arts Tour will be November 18, 19, & 20th. Watch here for more information and tour locations. Todays post is about Emily Medlin a undergraduate student at Louisiana Tech University.


Emily Medlin’s paintings explore the curious nature of human psychology focusing on mental abnormalities, perception and brokenness. Her work has been exhibited in numerous shows throughout Northeast Louisiana, including Art from the G.U.T and Ruston en Plein Air.

Medlin was born in Monroe Louisiana, in 1986. Growing up she was always passionate about the arts and frequently participated in many artistic fields, including performance and applied art. In 2008 she began pursuing a BFA at Louisiana Tech University, where she received a number of Merit Scholarships and the 2011 Outstanding Student Award. Emily Medlin continues to live and work in Louisiana.


Human psychology has an important role in my work.  The theme of brokenness and what it means to be an imperfect being is at the heart of my paintings.  My work pulls from the shortcomings and fault lines of our minds.  These flaws are examined and put on display, not as something negative but as a necessary part of what it is to be human.  Sadness, confusion, introversion and loss distort the human psyche but in doing so create a uniquely alluring and multifaceted creature.  My pieces are based on multiple layers of imagery, incorporating figures, symbols and washes of color.  Each layer is built from a mixed media based mainly in epoxy resin and acrylic paint, to create a crystalline stratum as intricate as the mind itself.


NCLAC:  Do you think everyone is or can be creative? If so, what, if anything, sets artists apart?

MEDLIN: Yes anyone can be creative, but what sets an artist apart is the need or drive to make art and to keep making art even when it doesnt go the way you plan.

NCLAC: Can you tell us something quirky or interesting about you that sets you apart?

MEDLIN:  I hate shoes, and given the chance they'll come off regardless of where I am.

NCLAC: What is your favorite place in the world, and why?

MEDLIN: New Orleans, There is just something about that city that is different, there is a sense of magic and history around every corner.

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