Homegrown: 2011 Holiday Arts Tour

Now that the tour is right around the corner Homegrown will be a daily post highlighting our Holiday Arts Tour artists. NCLAC would like to celebrate the artists living in our own backyard whether they were raised here, relocated, or just like to visit enough to call Ruston home. This years Holiday Arts Tour will be November 18, 19, & 20th. Watch here for more information and tour locations. Todays post is Ali Hijazi an artist from Monroe and a first time tour participant.


Ali Hijazi is a Monroe, LA based musician, artist, and clothing maker. His clothing specialty is repurposing pre-loved T-shirts, dresses, and other items. Ali primarily sells his wares on consignment at the Pop Shop in West Monroe.  Though his living is made elsewhere, outside of work Ali can generally be found cutting apart and carefully re-stitching old clothing, slapping an upright bass, or watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


While I do not participate too heavily in fashion personally, it has always intrigued me. I love the idea that a person can put on a specific combination of pieces of cloth and define or re-define themselves. From that idea, I really enjoy taking pieces of clothing from mine or someone else’s past, adding a specific combination of pieces of cloth, and redefining the items themselves. It is wonderful how one can make minor alterations to clothing and give them an entire new life, long after they served their intended purpose.

In art and in music I generally approach them in a similar fashion. Simplicity can be beautiful in these artistic relationships as well. I try to convey a message with lyrics or a simple image more than with only visual excitement. While I enjoy vibrant colors and technical masterpieces, a simple, slightly ambiguous message is just as often valid.


NCLAC:  Do you think everyone is or can be creative? If so, what, if anything, sets artists apart?

HIJAZI:  I believe that by default, life and the participation therein is creative. Everyone is creative everyday that they are alive. I think the only difference in artists is that they invite others into their life.

NCLAC:  What, if anything, do you hope others get from your art?

HIJAZI:  I generally love when my art makes someone’s day a little better. I just want to be a positive part of as many people’s lives as possible, directly or indirectly.

NCLAC:  What gem of advice would you like to share that someone shared with you?

HIJAZI: “I cried because I had no shoes until I met the man with no feet”

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