Holiday Arts Tour Stops: The Frame Up & Lewis Boutique

Holiday Arts Tour Stop: The Frame Up, 102 N Vienna St. Work by Hooshang.

Winner of the Holiday Arts Tour 2013 People's Choice Award, awarded to Tour attendees’ favorite artist and artwork display, Hooshang Khorasani has been supporting NCLAC as a professional artist and promoting local opportunities for artists to have chances to display their work, like they do with on the Tour, for over 20 years. It was our pleasure to reward his long history as a working artist last year as Hooshang showcased a new turn in his colorful body of art.

Hooshang's work on display at the 2013 HAT.

Regardless of whether you recognize Hooshang more from his dynamic flower still-lives, or one of his racing horse images he is nationally known for, all of his work vibrates with his vigorous color palette and mark making. If you haven't seen Hooshang’s work before, be sure to stop by the Frame Up to see if all on display! To view Hooshang’s work online, check out

The Frame Up is a professional framing shop that carries a wide variety of metal and wooded frames, archival framing, and more. The Frame Up also carries popular LA Tech Football prints, and other items that make great holiday gifts.


Holiday Arts Tour Stop: Lewis Boutique, 110 N Vienna St.

"Hundertwasser" House box

Lewis Boutique is an inviting upscale fashion and cosmetic store that normally carries a number of great gift items, like Vera Bradley accessories and stylish scarfs, and during the Tour this year it once again host German artist Christiane Drieling.

Christiane Drieling: dwarf marionettes, works in progress

Christiane’s love of her homeland’s story-telling traditions is evident in all of her work, from her classical “Kaspar” hand puppets, her traditional toy Christmas ornaments, to her jewelry and small boxes that feature the story line’s of her family’s favorite children’s books. 

Christiane says "The aesthetics I am drawn to and the way how I use materials is clearly rooted in my childhood. My family was not particularly artistic but quite resourceful, as they inspired me to pick up the empty match boxes from our gas stove and make them into little houses; I kept the red wax that sealed the cheese loafs and shaped it into tiny people.

'Small worlds' has been my constant theme in both my life and my art: the small worlds of the fairytales I grew up with, and the “real” small worlds I found myself in as a child and young adult. The “real” world felt rather limiting to me with all those cultural, social, and socioeconomic barriers that prevent free choice of which way to go.  The fairytale world, on the other side, fascinated and inspired me because anything could happen and everything was possible there."

In addition to her Swirling Swirls line of art-objects, Christiane also teaches. She is the art education teacher at Montessori School of Ruston, and also leads art  classes for children and adults at her Brush Hour Studio.

Christiane is also one of our Sprout Sunday artists. She will be leading children in a frog prince folded paper project. She's a great teacher-- be sure to bring your kids! (Sunday, 1:30-3:30, 202 N Vienna)

Lewis Boutique will also host the “a cappella harmony” of the delightful all-women Rhapsody Quartet on Thursday from 6-7pm, and an amazing magical performance by Michael Savage on Saturday afternoon.

Christiane's Blue Wizard Ornament