Holiday Arts Tour Stop: Sundown Tavern, Fine Line Art Supply and Stitchville

NCLAC's 17th Annual Holiday Arts Tour, November 20-23, 2014  -- a map and complete schedule can be found here Today's Tour stops include Sundown Tavern, Fine Line Art Supply and Stitchville.

Sundown Tavern, located at 111 East Park Avenue, is a favorite destination for turkey melts, MJ burgers, and music! For this year's Tour, they will be

Todd Cloe

hosting Todd Cloe and Emily Ezell, as well as music on Saturday evening. Todd Cloe is a fixture at Sundown each year for the Tour. His brings his beautiful wooden rings and they fly off his table.

ring by Todd Cloe

Much of Todd's inspiration comes from ancient artifacts and from Native American history as well as from nature. He combines this inspiration with his personal experiences to create beautiful, hand crafted works of art. 

Todd Cloe is currently employed in Louisiana Tech University's School of Design. Todd serves as the wood shop technician offering guidance and instruction to students so they will have the knowledge and understanding needed to turn their own ideas into completed works of art.

Emily Ezell will also be displaying work at Sundown. Emily is a talented painter who creates captivating portraits, as well as paintings that cater to childhood memories and fantasies.

On Saturday evening at 6pm there will be a performance by the Dan Sumner Quartet. The group will treat Tour-goers to straightforward jazz. Members of the group include Dan Sumner, Ken Carter, David Oliver and Chris Siripong.

Fine Line Art Supply is this year's Title Sponsor for Holiday Arts Tour. Thanks Fine Line! This art supply and print lab shop will be hosting Sienna

Sienna Haralson

Haralson for the Tour. Sienna is a painter. Of her work she says "The deer spirit totem represents gentleness, innocence, sensitivity and intuition. These are qualities I find in myself and thus chose the deer as a surrogate and decorate them with

Guardian, by Sienna Haralson

objects that symbolize spirituality and enlightenment. This body of work is focused on expressing emotions and telling stories through deer while allowing the viewer the chance to relate to the deer on an unusual level."

Fine Line will host The Taylor Outfit on Thursday evening at 7pm. This bluegrass group includes Lendel, Casey, Emmylou and Carson Taylor---a family band!

Inside Fine Line is Stitchville, a yarn shop plus so much more! Stitchville sells fabric, yarns and notions, as well as offers classes on various sewing and knitting themes. Owner Allie Bennett will be featured on the Tour, with items such as handmade bags and handspun yarns. Allie is experienced in the performing arts, with history both on stage and in costuming. She has taught drama camps and workshops for NCLAC, and also serves diligently on the ARToberfest Committee.

Allie Bennett's Stitchville