Holiday Arts Tour Stop: Chartreuse Pear and The Fashion of Ruston

17th Annual Holiday Arts Tour, November 20-23, 2014 Oyster V, by Caroline Youngblood

Chartreuse Pear and the Fashion of Ruston have such awesome locations on West Park Avenue.  They are neighboring shops in the historic Harris Hotel building. The Fashion of Ruston is a women's boutique with clothing, jewelry and shoes. Chartreuse Pear offers an eclectic mix of home decor, antiques, gifts, custom bedding, and rugs. In addition to the artists featured below, you can hear Karl Puljak play classical selections on the cello on Thursday evening, from 5-6pm.

Chartreuse Pear will be featuring paintings by Caroline Youngblood. Caroline says "Searching through junk drawers and closets overstuffed with ephemera left by four generations of family, I create art from an assemblage of objects discovered at historic Breston Plantation in Riverton, Louisiana." Caroline's work is in numerous private collections around the country, as well interiors of hotels, hospitals and more. One from her recent series of oyster paintings has such a stunning color palette it's hard for me to look away. Bits of Louisiana life, whether literal pieces through collage, or themes and icons, such as oysters and cotton, figure prominently in her work and are handled with beauty and passion.

Along with Caroline at this location will be Dorene Kordal, whose felt accessories can add some spunk to your life. Dorene has been featured at Chartreuse Pear the last few year for HAT so shoppers will know just where to find her. Hairbands, bags, jewelry, stockings and more fly from Dorene's fingers, and are incredibly gift-worthy.

stockings by Dorene Kordal


Peach Tree in Bloom, sketch, by Lacey Stinson

The Fashion will be hosting Lacey Stinson in the "carriage way" between the two shops. A Louisiana native, fine art painter of landscapes, portraits and surreal masterpieces, Lacey Stinson currently resides in north central Louisiana with his feline companion and muse Pip, who regularly sits in Mr. Stinson’s lap while he draws and paints. Lacey's drawings captured my eye when I first saw them several years ago, but his paintings are also incredibly beautiful. He will be showing some of these at this year's Tour; I'm excited to see them in person!

The Fashion will also be hosting artist Shalis Stevens. Shalis, an artist, graphic designer and puppet maker, has recently returned to Louisiana after  time studying at Savannah College of Design. For this year's Tour, she is making beautiful pendants-- handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry items that each wearer should feel proud to own. I love imagining her hands building each layer and stitch.

pin by Shalis Stevens