Holiday Arts Tour Stop: Carriage House

Holiday Arts Tour Stop: Carriage House 101 E. Maryland Ave. Angle of Repose by Patricia Tait Jones

The Carriage House of Ruston was founded by Patricia Tait Jones, and other local like-minded artists that wanted a place to come together to practice, teach, and celebrate making art. The charming historic building was in fact a carriage house at one time, and the resident artists revel in its authentic surfaces and details. Classes and shows regularly encompass many mediums, including drawings, paintings, collages, and 3-dimensional art.

Laura White Lewis at the Carriage House with her body of work.

The artists that will be on display during the Holiday Artist Tour are Becky Bennett, Nan Cole, Beth Holland, Laura White Lewis, Patricia Jones, Catherine McVea, and Annie Richardson. Seeing how the styles of each of these women overlaps one another’s as they learn from each other, and then how they differ as each widens their practice, is part of the joy of seeing group shows at the Carriage House.

Be sure not to miss this stop on the Tour, even if you have to walk a few extra blocks down Bonner Street to get there. Perhaps the rich artistic and historic environment might inspire you as well to sign up for a future art class at the Carriage House!