Follette Pottery's Personalized Pet Bowls Support NCLAC Kids Programs

SATURDAY, AUGUST 13 AND 20 Direct from Follette Pottery:

Sparky Butterbean and Ole Blue were overheard planning our upcoming Pet Days. They are getting very excited. On those two Saturdays, Kent will be on the front porch with his wheel and a lot of clay to make personalized bowls for your favorite pet. Each bowl will be made just for your particular pet, and they will be personalized with your pets name. What a great Christmas gift for ole Fido. Prices are Small - $20, Medium - $25, and Large - $30. If you are unable to attend you can order by phone (318-513-9121) or email at A portion of the proceeds will go to NCLAC for children's programs. Come join in the fun. We will be serving hot dogs (of course) and popsicles and you can feed Kent's trained fish. Don’t worry about the heat. With all the shade at Follette Pottery, you may want to throw a light sweater in the car just in case.