Encounters with Douglas Walton

Classes scheduled with one of our artist members, Douglas Walton For inquiries or to sign up, contact Mr. Walton's Assistant, Marlen Waters, at 

318-255-9394, 318-245-6573cell, marlen@tugmail.netinfo@mdouglaswalton.com


Okay, the kids are in school, college football has started, you are back from vacation, but you are still feeling restless.   I’ve got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come join us in Ruston and spend a few days painting and trying new techniques with M DOUGLAS WALTON.  Fall classes scheduled so far are:

Sept 14-16      CREATIVE PAINTING REVIVAL                $165

CREATIVE PAINTING REVIVAL (CPR)—This encounter will allow unfinished or unresolved paintings to evolve into elevated finished paintings.  Please bring several unfinished or unresolved paintings on paper or canvas for resolution.  All levels of experience welcome.

Oct 18-21        EXPERIMENTAL                                          $220

EXPERIMENTAL ENCOUNTER—During this time we will experiment with different surfaces, media, and size formats. This will allow painting with more individual expression and therefore resulting in paintings with more spirit.   All levels of experience welcome.

If you are interested call me, email me, or Facebook me.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!