Education Happenings: My Vision, My Voice Week 1

My Vision, My Voice, our photojournalism workshop at Arcadia High School, began this month. Each week the teachers will be journaling about the class to give us a glimpse of what's happening. This entry is by Dacia Idom, a Louisiana Tech student who is teaching the journalism portion of the workshop.

First Week Journal Entry: Tell Me A Story by Dacia Idom

Yesterday I began a journey with four graduate students, and after the first class I am optimistic about the road ahead. Our mission involves teaching a group of sixth and seventh graders from Arcadia High School about photojournalism. The workshop is titled My Vision, My Voice, and it is one of North Central Louisiana Arts Council's educational programs. After an icebreaker game and a presentation, the students were given time to journal about there lives, times when they felt strong or weak, things they like or dislike about themselves, things they wish they could go back and change. Then, they were given the assignment to tell stories, their stories. With a digital camera, a two-gigabyte memory card and a quick lesson on how to work the camera, they left excited about making art. They have two weeks, including a week off from school. When we meet for the next class they will have evidence of their existences, proof that they cannot be ignored or overlooked. These students exist, and it is our responsibility to remind them about the opportunities and success ahead of them. Now that I have had time to digest everything, I realize how important this class is to the students, the community and myself. While many people dismiss children as naive, sometimes they  teach us more than we could ever teach them. I am excited about the stories they will tell, and I am hoping you are too. Get involved with the community, be a mentor, find a mentor or just spend time with someone who enjoys your company. The world is huge, but when we bond together and work toward a goal, it shrinks and our missions become the giants. Tell your stories, and I will tell mine. Then, we can laugh, cry or dance. You choose.