Education Happenings: Make a "Me" Moment

During recent holiday celebrations, the topic turned to alone time, or "me" time. As an only child, I grew up with much alone time, which I loved and still do. As a parent of two, however, I don't often get alone time anymore, and sometimes I even count time at work as alone time...which I think should be illegal. Nonetheless, I realize that I need to have some time for myself. It's not going to magically appear, so I have to make it happen. As I'm thinking about 2011 and preparing for 2012, with more "me" time in mind, my thoughts turn to education. I recently touted crossword puzzles and reading as daily habits that keep my dad super sharp. What am I doing to keep myself sharp? When Nicole Duet taught her Color and Composition Workshop for NCLAC in the fall, I took the class. I was a college student for many years, but this class was my first in quite some time. It was perfect! I had something new to think about and practice, I met a diverse group of adults with similar interests, and I did it for myself. It was a great use of my time.

As a mom of young children, I know firsthand that parents often do special activities for their children and forget to do the same for themselves. As NCLAC's Educational Coordinator, I know that we offer similar "special activities" for adults through our Arts Academy classes.

In January, Dr. Cain Budds from Louisiana Tech University will be teaching 3 guitar classes for NCLAC's Arts Academy. On January 14, there will be Beginning Guitar Theory, Jazz Up the Blues on January 21, and Finger-Style Guitar on January 28. Each class is 2 hours and the cost is $25 for NCLAC members, $30 for non-members. These 1-day classes may be just the "me" time that you need. To register, give me a call at the office, 255-1450, or send an email to