Education Happenings: Gratitude Rocks

Touch the rock in your pocket each dayWe hope "Thank You" is what you will say Skyelar Scott, Lincoln Parish student

Are there some on your list for whom you still haven't found the perfect gift? Oftentimes, all that's needed is a simple token that says "I thought of you and you are appreciated." An easy way to send that message this season is through a Gratitude Rock. This is a new and on-going fundraiser for NCLAC's MARK programming. Our MARK programs, Making Art Reach Kids, are those that service the needs of our parishes, including Drama Warehouse, My Vision, My Voice and Summer Arts Camps. Gratitude Rocks have been created by local artists and students in Lincoln Parish. These are small, beautiful stones that fit nicely in your pocket or bag. Each time you feel the rock, as you're digging for coins or keys, say a word of gratitude. By fostering a spirit of thankfulness, your days become more optimistic. As a non-profit arts council, NCLAC is made possible through memberships and donations. As Educational Coordinator, I have a passion for helping kids through the arts. The 600+ kids that we served this year have been directly affected by our organization...and your financial support. Gratitude Rocks are available in the lobby of the Dixie Center for the Arts. For a donation of your choosing, know that you will be supporting NCLAC's MARK programming. Show your appreciation for friends and family with a Gratitude Rock or carry one in your own pocket. In so doing, you'll be showing your dedication to arts education, and making our programs possible.

A special thanks to the A.E. Phillips and Ruston High Talented Art Departments, Renee Hunt Van Loon and The Art House, Patricia Tait Jones, Charlie Meeds, Jonathan Donehoo, Mr. B and the 8th Grade Boys at A.E. Phillips, Wildflower Montessori School, Dorothy Shirely Welsh, Shelly Nealy Edgerton, Lisa Heightower, and Maggie Boudreaux and The Carriage House. These thoughtful artists and art lovers have made the Gratitude Rocks project possible.