Drama Warehouse Update

Every week we will be hearing from Allie Bennet, our Drama Warehouse Instructor, about her experiences with this year's group.  Thanks to all our individual donors who made this amazing project possible. WEEK TWO

The kids (and their parents) did a great job with their homework assignments.  I had quite a few bring in books and stories to read aloud today.  We also read some other fairy tales, The Emperor’s New Clothes was a big hit, lots of “ewws!” when the king decided to flounce around town in his birthday suit.  What surprises me so much about these classes is that there are many of the children who know of these stories. We also started a few tongue twisters.  The kids really enjoy this, and giggle when we try to say  “Rubber baby buggy bumpers” three times fast.  Some of the mothers, who are still mastering English, are unsure but nonetheless participate willingly. We also play a special game of hangman, where the kids have to act out letters instead of just guessing and yelling them out.  It’s amazing to see kids, who are so shy to speak, hop up and act out the silliest of examples!