Drama Warehouse Update

Every week we will be hearing from Allie Bennet our Drama Warehouse Instructor about her experiences with this years group.  Thanks to all our individual donors who made this amazing project possible.  WEEK ONE

NCLAC, for the first time in Drama Warehouse history, has partnered with the Northeast LA Adult and Family Literacy Consortium (NELAFLC).  Located in the Bernice Civic Center, every week, multiple families of multiple backgrounds meet in an attempt to improve their way of life.  NELAFLC offers care and support to preschool age children, academic support to school age children, and language and GED assistance to adults in the community.  Many of the participants are Hispanic American and are in varying stages of learning the English language.  The Drama Warehouse goal for this particular enterprise will be to further integrate literacy and reduce the dropout rate of youth in the area.

The plan for this endeavor is based in Fairy Tales.  I have introduced well-known fairy tales to the group, and encouraged them to come up with their own narratives.  Their “homework” for the first week was to go home, and, with their families, read rhymes, stories, and tall tales until they find a favorite.  We will read and explore the stories and they will delve into script writing and performing based on these tales.

Our final show, where we plan to perform our original interpretations of our tales, will be Monday, May 23, at the Bernice Civic Center.  All are encouraged to come.  The Bernice establishment and their vast undertaking is truly a worthwhile battle not to be lost.