Destination Pastry Moon

Jessica here, looking through the amazing Holiday Arts Tour applications this year. Our introductions continue today, with the downtown destination of Pastry Moon, located at 111 East Mississippi in Ruston. Pastry Moon is a studio location for the Tour, and it's the primary space in which artist/shop-owner Bonnie Ferguson creates her handmade small-batch soaps, as well as other art objects. For fall/winter soaps this year she has Pumpkin Lager, Oatmeal Stout, Razbeery, Guiness-ide, Peppermint Cream, Tea Breeze and Coffee & Cocoa. These make WONDERFUL teacher and co-worker gifts for the holiday season.

Pastry Moon is a nicely curated handmade and vintage shop. Soap, accessories, vintage jewelry and other functional art pieces make it a unique, intimate destination for the Tour. Bonnie says, "as artists, we harken back to the 'craftsman' days of the industry, when technique and skill were signs of greatness."

For this year's Holiday Arts Tour, November 15-18, Pastry Moon will also include literary artist Debra Faircloth and visual artist Lacey Stinson. The two created If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour, with Debra as author, Lacey as illustrator.  On Sprout Sunday of the Tour, November 18, Deb will be holding readings of the book, with cat-themed face painting for Tour-going children. It will be an enjoyable stop on the map for the family.

Deb is also the author of numerous short stories that "showcase the distinct speech and manners as well as the oft-told tales I heard at quilting bees and pea shellings" during a childhood spent in rural Louisiana. Preserving the rich heritage of our region, its voices and settings, is her goal.  Her earliest memories of the arts are of reading Little Golden Books. Who knew she would grow up to become an author herself? I was thrilled when Deb mentioned interest in the Tour this year, as including a literary arts element to the Tour was on my wish list. She and Lacey won NCLAC's "Artist of the Year" award in 2011.

Lacey Stinson's drawings, paintings and illustrations are incredibly skilled and beautiful. Lacey says his inspirations and intent are rooted in his love of natural forms, having explored undeveloped Southern woods and arid Spanish landscapes in his childhood.  One can't help but think of Rembrandt's soft line drawings when examining Lacey's illustrations. Having only seen digital images of them, I can't wait to see them in person at Pastry Moon next month.

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