DaOne Hillside: Featured Musician for Holiday Arts Tour 2010

DaOne is a talented local singer-songwriter, and NCLAC is pleased to have him on the Tour for the first time this year. About DaOne DaOne Hillside (a.k.a. Duane Harris) is a humble, hardworking father with four beautiful children--Honor, Zyon, Jaylin and Lyric. DaOne has a passion for music that began years ago in church. Somewhere along the way, others began to recognize his talent, and he started performing at events: weddings, parties etc. He embraced this encouragement, honing his singing skills and participating in a variety of talent competitions.

DaOne is now a dynamic artist whose talents range from smooth R & B covers, to soulful, heartfelt originals, to hardcore, energetic rap.

<DaOne on DaOne 1. Who is your favorite musician and why? Sean Combs because he sticks with the music no matter what turn it takes.

2. What inspires, influences, and/or drives you as a musician? It's a gift. I didn't earn it.

3. Do you have a special relationship with a particular instrument? My voice. I wanna master my craft.

4. How does creating and/or playing music make you feel? Alive

5. What, if anything, do you want others to get from your music? I want them to say, "He's the real deal."

More Info Visit DaOne on Reverbnation here.

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