Chili's St. Judes Fundraiser

Chili's Restaurant is hosting its annual St. Judes fundraiser throughout the month of September. Ruston currently leads the nation in funds raised for St. Judes! Let's not let ourselves fall behind.  There are numerous ways to contribute while at the same time showing your creativity, with all proceeds going to St. Judes:

 Decorate a Create-a-Pepper coloring sheet and fill in the amount of money you would like to donate on the back of the sheet. Your pepper will be displayed along with the work of other artists at Chili's.

 Purchase a Chili's t-shirt for 12 dollars. Express your creativity by decorating your shirt with markers, and wear it to encourage others to support St. Judes. Each shirt comes with a coupon for free queso, which is a 5 dollar value!

 Purchase a Chili's Hope Bracelet for 4 dollars, and wear it to raise awareness for St. Judes.

 Go online to to donate money and design a pepper online to be displayed in their online gallery.

 If you are a teacher, and you would like your students to participate in the fundraiser as a class activity, contact Pamela Martin at 318-547-7218.

 Come to Chili's on September 26th, when 100% of Chili's net profits will be donated to St. Judes.