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Drink and Draw...Tomorrow!


Check out what's happening over at Fine Line Art Supply in downtown Ruston (207 North Trenton.)   In addition to offering art supplies for the region's artists, Fine Line also supports many community arts programs. With NCLAC, for example, Fine Line was our title sponsor for this year's Holiday Arts Tour.   And now look what they're doing!   Note: this is not a class, but simply an opportunity to get together with other artists in a shared creative space.  Place: Fine Line Art Supply and Print Lab, 207 N Vienna

Date/Time: Friday, Dec. 12, 6pm

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NCLAC began its mission in 1987 “to enrich the region by fostering opportunities for creative expression; to establish a strong presence of the arts wherein the artists, arts organizations and community can thrive; and to share our diverse cultural heritage, celebrating not just who we are, but what we can become.” Since then it has benefited and grown in capacity because of its many supporters.  Members have made everything from the daily manning of the office, to 1..HeartNCLAC_singleproviding full-scale events like the Holiday Arts Tour possible! This year to celebrate our members and to make the annual Membership Drive more fun, we are offering   early-renewal gifts! Check out the Membership Levels and their early renewal award gifts below. The new Membership year begins in September.

To become a member, download a membership form and pay via Paypal on our site. You may also stop by our office, located inside the Dixie Center for the Arts, 212 North Vienna in downtown Ruston.

2014-15 Membership Levels & Benefits

Student $15:

  • Receive our quarterly Membership Newsletter
  • Receive a $5 discount on NCLAC Arts Academy Classes
  • Receive a $5 discount on Peach Art Exhibit entries
  • Receive an invitation to NCLAC’s Annual Meeting & Holiday Party

* First 20 new or renewed Student memberships receive a NCLAC magnet!

Friend $30:

Receive all the benefits of the Student Level, plus:

  • A $5 discount to ARToberfest, Early Bird or General Admission ticket

* First 15 new or renewed Friend memberships receive a NCLAC magnet & pen!

Family $50:

Receive all the benefits of the Friend Level, plus:

  • The $5 discount on NCLAC Arts Academy Classes applies to each family member
  • The $5 discount on Peach Art Exhibit entries applies to each family member
  • The $5 discount to ARToberfest, Early Bird or General Admission ticket applies to 2 adults (per a family)
  • A free NCLAC Summer Arts Camp t-shirt with S.A.C. registration (for up to 2 children per a family)

* First 10 new or renewed Family memberships receive a NCLAC magnet & vintage Peach Poster! These posters were designed by artist Pam Marshall, and will make an excellent addition to your home or office.

Patron $100:

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  • An Invitation to the Meet & Greet Holiday Arts Tour Artist Party

* First 10 new or renewed Patron memberships receive a NCLAC magnet & limited edition handmade “NCLAC Supporter Pin!” These special pins have been created by Bonnie Ferguson, of Pastry Moon Soaps.

Guardian $250:

Receive all the benefits of the Patron Level, plus:

  • A Special Reserved Seat at NCLAC’s table at the Krewe of Allegro Mardi Gras Ball, with the purchase of a Ball ticket.

* First 5 new or renewed Guardian memberships receive a limited edition handmade “NCLAC  Supporter Pin” & Peachy Postcards! Peach Postcards feature 8 images by local artists in a variety of media and styles, each with a peach theme: Mary Boothe Dunn, Jake Dugard, Julie Crews, MC Davis, Rosalynne Fluty, Laura Hunt Miller, Frank Hamrick and Peter Jones.

Benefactor $500:

Receive all the benefits of the Guardian Level, plus:

  • 2 Early Bird tickets to ARToberfest

* First 5 new or renewed Benefactor memberships receive a limited edition handmade “NCLAC Supporter Pin” & NCLAC Mug! These NCLAC mugs are being crafted by local potter Emma Case Melville.

Angel $1000:

Receive all the benefits of the Benefactor Level, plus:

  • One automatic entry into the Keep the Arts Afloat drawing

* New & renewed Angel members receive ALL the gifts listed above!   

Smaller early renewal gifts will be mailed to their recipients, larger gifts may be mailed, but they may also be picked up from the Dixie Center for the Arts after Sept. 1.

Today's Art Talk Monday is by Laura Hunt Miller, NCLAC Executive Assistant.

New Works by Maggie Jones Boudreaux

  work by Maggie Jones Boudreaux

NCLAC is excited to announce an opening reception at Parish Press for local celebrated artist Maggie Jones Boudreaux on August 20. Maggie is a Ruston native and graduate of Louisiana Tech University. She currently works as an art educator, as well as on her own abstract body of art, ranging from dynamic collages to colorful paintings that play with the idea of overlapping shape and color.

This is what Maggie has to say about her Current Works show that will be on display at Parish Press:

The children in my life and their work heavily influence my paintings. I am the proud mother of 4 and 7-year-old artists, and blessed to take part in the creative process of approximately 300 plus little artists where I teach at A. E. Phillips Laboratory School. I can't help but be amazed and intrigued with their compositions. I find myself daily collecting visual images in my mind and storing them for future use.

My recent style in the past year or so has simplified its self from my days of big wild abstract paintings. My paintings have evolved into simple groups or "families" of shapes that seem to be seeking balance, perhaps because this is what I seek the most in my life now. I have loved experimenting with limited color palettes in either bright rich colors or classical neutral tones. But the concept of each painting seems to be the same. Balance.

Maggie will be present to talk to viewers interested in her work during the opening reception on Wednesday, August 20, from 5-7pm, at Parish Press. Her work will remain at the coffee shop on display through the end of October.

Parish Press is Ruston’s brand-new locally owned coffee shop, located in the space that was formerly Crescent City Coffee. The shop, under new ownership by Bradley and Katie Walker, has been redesigned with a fresh new look. They have delicious coffees, and not to worry—they still serve beignets!

NCLAC presents art exhibitions that feature work by regional artists in partnership with Parish Press, located at 1007 North Trenton Street in Ruston. Works are available for purchase by calling the NCLAC office at 318.255.1450.

Today's Art Talk Monday (on Thursday) was written by Laura Hunt Miller, NCLAC Executive Assistant.

Brush Hour Spring and Summer Schedule

NCLAC Member artist Christiane Drieling's Brush Hour studio is ready with its Spring/Summer schedule of classes.  from Christiane:

Happy New Year, happy new classes! There are lots of new projects on the Brush Hour agenda,  and I hope they will excite and inspire you.

For grown-ups, I have planned a sculpture class where we will focus on the human face, as well as unique upcycling and paper craft projects. These classes are scheduled for Wednesday evenings, and – this is new – also for Wednesday mornings!

“Fiber Frenzy” is a 10-week after-school class taking place on Thursdays (new day!) for children 8 years and up. In addition, I have prepared a few Tuesday afternoon classes (single sessions). For these after-school classes, I have chosen particular projects that spark a lot of creativity and are very relaxing at the same time. – Just the right thing after a long school day!

Again, you will find “Wake up to Art” classes with playful activities I have designed especially for preschoolers for no-school days. These classes are very small (only 4 spaces per class) and provide a very quiet and creative atmosphere for the very young ones, allowing them to stay focused on their projects for a long time and to enjoy the process and results.

My summer art camps will be happening during the weeks of July and August. You may want to have a look now, even though summer seems so far away … As the main focus during these weeks, the kids will learn about some of my favorite artists and art styles from diverse cultures, and make fantastic collages, paintings, and sculptures accordingly.

“Brush Hour” is meant to be the opposite of “rush hour”, a place for creation and recreation. It can give you a fresh start into the day, or it can help you wind down after a busy day at work or school, as you make something beautiful with your own hands and mind.  You can challenge your artistic abilities or practice your technical skills; you can learn something new or just do what you love to do – with friends or friends-to-be.

Classes are now open for registration. I am excited about sharing this new season of Brush Hour with you!

P.S. Ask about birthday parties!

The Classes:

Classes for Grown-Ups

Morning Classes

Amazing Stamps

March 5– 19 (3 weeks)

Wednesdays, 9-11am

You will make fantastic stamps from a variety of  materials.  We will start with easy, yet effective, cutting techniques, and then proceed with carving more intricate designs into rubber and linoleum. I will show you how these different stamps can be combined to make beautiful stationery, wall art, clothing, linens, even jewelry.

Fee: $ 45 + $ 15 for supplies

Sculpting Faces

April 16 – May 14 (5 weeks)

Wednesdays, 9-11am

Sculpture is one of my favorite art forms, so I am excited to teach you a few things about it. In this course, we will focus on the human face, on position and proportion of features, and  how to bring out certain expressions. First, you will build a head from paper mache; this layering technique is slow and controllable and will help you create the kind of face that you want for your final piece. You will then use self-hardening artist clay to sculpt a head based on your paper mache model.

Fee: $ 75 + $ 15 for supplies

Evening Classes

Upcycling Paper

February 26 – April 2 (5 weeks; no class on March 26)

Wednesdays, 7-9 pm

Junk mail, old phone books, used gift wrap – there are lots of great ways of what you can do with your growing piles of paper. In this class, I will show you several unique and fun-to-make projects. You will try some new paper-making ideas, by using the pulp for sheets, bowls, beads, and ornaments. Other projects are based on quilling or weaving techniques by which you can turn those old catalogs and magazines into stunning canisters and picture frames.

Fee: $ 75 + $ 10 for supplies

Sculpting Faces

April 16 – May 14 (5 weeks)

Wednesdays, 7-9 pm

Sculpture is one of my favorite art forms, so I am excited to teach you a few things about it. In this course, we will focus on the human face, on position and proportion of features, and  how to bring out certain expressions. First, you will build a head from paper mache; this layering technique is slow and controllable and will help you create the kind of face that you want for your final piece. You will then use self-hardening artist clay to sculpt a head based on your paper mache model.

Fee: $ 75 + $ 15 for supplies


After-School Classes

For Children 8 Years and Up

Fiber Frenzy

February 27 – May 15 (10 weeks; no classes on March 27 and April 10)

Thursday, 4-6 pm

Imagine all the amazing things we can do with yarns, threads, and fabrics. Among other projects, we are going to finger-knit a fun bracelet, make a silly sock monster puppet, sew a fancy Indian pouch,  batik a snuggle pillow, and felt some colorful juggling balls.

Fee: $ 150 + $ 30 for supplies.

This class is open for drop-ins also. Children can join for single sessions, if space is available. Please call ahead. ($ 25 per single session)


For Children 6 Years and Up

“Tangrami” means the fusion of Tangram and Origami: Triangular modules are folded origami-style and then puzzled together. Tangrami is very versatile: With simple shapes only, you can create 2- or 3-D  decorations for all kinds of occasions, or make little toys. This technique is great for practicing fine motor skills and precision. It encourages creativity and imagination, and also teaches children patience and perseverance in a playful way.

Tangrami I:  Pets (easy)

March 11

Tuesday, 4-6 pm

In this easy class the children are going to combine five or six modules to make simple but delightful tangrami animals, such as turtles, fish, and dogs.

Younger children are welcome to this class, too, if they are accompanied by a parent who will stay to help her or his child.

Fee: $ 20 + $ 5 for supplies

Tangrami II:  Chickens and Bunnies (easy)

April 1

Tuesday, 4-6 pm

In this easy class, five or six modules are used to make cute ladybugs, chickens, and bunnies, – just in time for Easter!

Younger children are welcome to this class, too, if they are accompanied by a parent who will stay to help his or her child.

Fee: $ 20 + $ 5 for supplies

Tangrami III:  Flowers and Peacocks (advanced)

April 29

Tuesday, 4-6 pm

This “Tangrami” class is a little bit more advanced than the other ones because the construction of each piece requires a larger number of modules and is more complex in itself.  We will start with folding flat ornamental flower and heart shapes and then continue with 3-D peacocks.  These pieces can be mounted on origami boxes to create beautiful Mothers' Day gifts.

Fee: $ 20 + $ 5 for supplies


“Wake up to Art” for Preschoolers (4-6 years)


Playing with Stamps  

February 17 (Presidents Day, no school)

Monday, 9-12 pm

The children will have fun making their own sets of stamps while exploring lots of different mediums and surfaces. Next, they will create their own matching games by using all their fantastic stamps. And then we will play a few rounds!

Fee: $ 30 + $ 10 for supplies and snacks

My Crazy Dream House

May 2 (no-school day at MSR)

Friday, 9-12 pm

For this collage project, a shoe box will be transformed into a two-room house. The kids will decorate the walls and floors and make all the furniture and appliances they need for their home. They will cut, glue, and paint, while working with fabrics and papers, ribbons, wire, plastic things and wooden parts, egg cartons, bottle caps, and lots of other cool stuff that I have in my studio.  I am curious to see what the children will come up with!

Fee: $ 30 + $ 10 for supplies and snacks


Summer Camps for Children and Teenagers


Camps for Children 8 and up

Platypus and Kangaroo

June 30 – July 3

Monday through Thursday, 1-4 pm

In this class, we will look at typical examples of aboriginal art, the painting techniques, and the characteristic symbols, colors, and patterns. Then, the children will build rock animals and rain sticks and paint them in aboriginal style.

Fee: $ 85 + $ 20 for supplies and snacks

Castle and Sun

July 9-11

Wednesday through Friday, 1-4 pm

This course will be driven by the diverse and colorful work of Paul Klee, a significant German-Swiss artist of the modern era. Children of all ages can easily relate to Klee's style because of his artworks' playfulness. The summer campers will make their own renditions with oil pastels and  water colors.

Fee $ 70 + $ 20 for supplies and snacks

Handmade Beads

July 21-25

Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm

This class was so much fun last summer and the results were so amazing that I am happy to offer it again! We are going to make clay beads, paper beads, felted beads, and fabric beads. Then we are going to combine them with seed and other small glass beads  and create unique pieces of jewelry.

Fee: $ 100 + $ 25 for supplies and snacks

Medieval Times

July 30 – August 1

Wednesday through Friday, 1-4 pm

Many great projects for imaginative play are on this week's agenda. The kids will work with lots of different materials as they build a draw well, paint goblets, and sew and decorate medieval bags and jester shoes.

Fee: $ 70 + $ 15 for supplies and snacks

Building Worlds with Hundertwasser

August 11-15

Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an important contemporary Austrian artist, is known for his bold colored paintings and, even more, for his unconventional architectural design of living spaces. Characteristic of his art pieces are an abundance of circles, spirals, ornamental details, and uneven lines. The young artists in this class the will stretch their imaginations and, first, create an ornate multi-textured wall piece. For their second project, they will construct and paint a model of a Hundertwasser house, avoiding as many straight lines as possible.

Fee: $ 100 + $ 20 for supplies and snacks


Camps for Children 6 and up

The Red Balloon

July 7+8

Monday and Tuesday, 1-4 pm

This course will be driven by the diverse and colorful work of Paul Klee, a significant German-Swiss artist of the modern era. Children of all ages can easily relate to Klee's style because of his artworks' playfulness.The children will experiment with various techniques to make their own whimsical pieces in Klee style.

Fee $ 50 + $ 15 for supplies and snacks

(More) Milk and Eggs

July 28+29

Monday and Tuesday, 1-4 pm

A last summer's favorite! We will give milk and egg cartons a second life by turning them into fantastic toys. This time, however, the projects include a monster hand puppet, a cute little tea set, an airplane, and a house for a mouse.

Fee: $ 50 + $ 15 for supplies and snacks

For registration and more information

please call me at 318-255-7422,

or e-mail:



Member news, and other regional art updates and opportunities

It's spring, and the whirlwind of activity has my spirit full. Today's post is full as well, so let's get started with the news!

Member News:

First up, Hooshang Khorasani currently has a solo exhibition in Bossier City at 1800 Prime in Boomtown Casino, as part of Bossier Arts Council's exhibition series. His April 4 reception includes wine-tasting and a $15 entry fee.

Jerry Berg, of Louisiana Tech University, will be exhibiting at Livaudais Studio in Monroe for the April 4 Downtown Gallery Crawl. New works will be shown for this one night only event, and Jerry will give an artist's talk at 6pm.

Congratulations to Christiane Drieling of Brush Hour Studio, who has been hired to teach art at Montessori School of Ruston. If your child attends Montessory School of Ruston, they will learn so much from Christiane.

Jake Dugard, from Louisiana Tech's SoA Graduate program, will be interning at Hatch Show Print this summer in Nashville. Way to go, Jake!

Dorene Kordal of Fabulous Felt has been invited on an all expenses paid trip to Peru Moda because of her award winning wool felt stitch sampler. Peru--whoo-hoo! AND, Dorene will be blogging about her experience here on our blog upon her return.

At the Louisiana Tech Annual Student Show, currently on display in the School of Art, three NCLAC members won Red River Paper Honorable Mention Awards: Sophia Maras (our recently-moved Gallery Coordinator), Peter Hay and Casey Parkinson. Congratulations!

Next, our very own technical writing intern, Jennifer Downs, was awarded the opportunity to present a paper at the Sigma Tau Delta conference in Portland, Oregon last week. We are proud for you!

Calls for Entry:

Interactive Art Exhibition presented by Alexandria Museum of Art Friday, May 10, 2013, 4–9pm & Saturday, May 11, 2013, 9am–7pm SUBMISSION DEADLINE: April 11, 2013 Alexandria Museum of Art is seeking artists to participate in the first annual Interactive Art Exhibition taking place on public sidewalks, green spaces, and streets along the riverfront area of downtown Alexandria during the 2013 Annual Louisiana Dragon Boat Races™. Drawing over 10,000 attendees and 1,000 race participants, Louisiana Dragon Boat Races™ on the scenic Red River viewed from the amphitheater in downtown Alexandria, Louisiana is a spirited day of racing features more teams, food, elaborate costumes, and entertainment on and off the water than ever before. The Interactive Art Exhibition presented by Alexandria Museum of Art will feature art that is highly interactive and invites participation, inspired by local community themes and the spirit of the Louisiana Dragon Boat Races™. Artists will have an opportunity to create new work, showcase their creativity to a large audience, and interact with the public, alongside food vendors, live music, and race spectators. Interactive art may require human interaction to complete the piece; involve the community and the audience in its creation; prompt the viewer to act; incorporate multi-sensory elements; prompt people to interact with one another; respond to participants and its environment; cause people to reflect on the larger community; respond to the community’s culture, needs, and environment in an innovative and unique way. Honorariums in varying amounts will be awarded to each selected artist or collective. For more information on how to submit a proposal:

NCLAC's is now accepting artist entries for our exhibition spaces at Crescent City, Dixie Center Lobby, the Bridge Project with Bossier Arts Council, and early notification for large group shows in a new space being renovated at Louisiana Tech University's Student Center. Here is more information. The application is available in 'the box' at the bottom of your screen.Big_News_clip_art_88125135_std.329233502_std


The Twin City Art Foundation and the Masur Museum of Art are asking artists to help with our annual fundraiser. The Off-the-Wall Fundraiser will include a silent auction. Please consider contributing a work of art to this important cause! The money raised will help fund upcoming exhibitions, educational outreach, and educational programming for adults and children. It's your last chance to participate in this worthwhile and, frankly, very fun event! See more details here.

NCLAC's Keep the Arts Afloat fundraiser is here! This annual event makes the arts council possible. We sell only 250 tickets, for $100 donations, and then we give away $5000. It's great odds, and it's a great way to make a tax-deductible donation. See any NCLAC board member to make your donation and get your ticket, call our office t 255-1450, or stop by the Dixie Center for the Arts at 212 North Vienna, Monday-Thursday from 9-3.

Take a Look--Member News!

One of our member partners, Carriage House Art, just sent in their April schedule of classes. It is as follows: Carriage House Art is going to offer beginning painting classes in April. We are going to meet on Tue. afternoons from 3 to 5 at the Carriage House, 101 E. Maryland Ave. Ruston.

The dates will be April 2, 9, 16, and 23. April 30 will be a make-up day. Cost of all 4 classes would be $80 with all materials provided. If you are not sure you can make all 4, you may pay per class at a rate of $25 per class.

Classes will cover all the basics using design principles, composition, working with wet paint, and glazing / finishing a painting. We will look at lots of art to discover YOUR inner artist... answering questions like: How do I want to paint and what is my personal color palette?

I'll set up a still life each week with lots of objects to choose from. The more experienced painters may choose a more intricate composition and others may work from a few simple objects.

Hope to hear from you with questions and interest in painting. It's loads of fun!

Patricia Jones 436-1077 or 255-0973

The Carriage House

Louisiana Tech's School of Art, another partnering organization, would like to announce the return of the Uninstructed Life Drawing Workshop:

The Louisiana Tech School of Art is offering an 8 week, uninstructed life drawing workshop featuring one pose per night. This workshop is open to members of the community, students of any major within local universities, and artists at all levels of experience. Anyone interested in drawing and painting from the live model is welcome! The fee is 20.00 for the entire session. Space is limited, so please email Nicole Duet at to reserve a spot (especially important if you cannot make the first meeting). Drawing horses are available. Easels and all other supplies are the responsibility of each participant.
March 12th- April 30th, Tuesday nights, 6:30- 9:30
Room 118 F Jay Taylor Visual Arts Bldg
Louisiana Tech University

20.00 model fee for entire 8 week session

Artist Member Christiane Drieling would like to share her Brush Hour Summer Schedule. 

There will be an open house at her studio on March 23. Those interested should contact Christiane at: 318-255-7422, or email her at:  There are other classes offered that have been listed before; click this link to see more. Classes are small so be sure to reserve your space.

Adult Class:

Paint something! – “Wine & Design” June 21 – July 26 (6 weeks) Fridays, 7-9 pm In this class you will learn how to paint a wooden object and how to come up with a design that complements the shape and style of the item. I will show you all the steps from preparing the unfinished object to the detailed decorative painting and adding other finishing touches such as fabric lining or handles. You will work on several projects simultaneously because of the long time it takes for the paint to dry. You can choose from a variety of boxes, candlesticks, birdhouses – or you can bring your own items, old or new. Fee: $ 80 + individual costs for supplies ($ 10-20).

Summer Camps for Children and Teenagers Art from Scratch – Art camp for children 6 and up June 17-21 Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm In this class, the children will learn how to be creative – literally! First, we will teach them how to make paper. Then they will make their own set of brushes, and finally they will paint with their handmade brushes on their handmade paper. And to top this off, the children will also build frames for their masterpieces. Fee: $ 100 + $ 15 for supplies Handmade beads – Art camp for children 8 and up June 24-28 Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm Beads can be made in so many ways from so many materials. We are going to make clay beads, paper beads, felted beads, herbal beads, and fabric beads. Then we are going to combine them with seed and other small glass beads and create unique pieces of jewelry. Fee: $ 100 + $ 10 for supplies. Playtime! – Art camp for children 8 and up July 8-12 Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm The children will learn how to build a marionette from wood parts and fabric and discover how to play it. They will also build a little stage and props from cardboard. Finally, we will write short scripts together and perform them. Fee $ 100 + $ 15 for supplies. Paint something! – Art camp for children 10 and up July 15-19 Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm The participants can choose their projects – jewelry boxes, picture frames, chalk boards – and get to know the process from preparing the unfinished item to detailed decorative painting. Depending on their individual skill level, I will teach them how to paint simple yet effectful repetitive patterns, and how to translate and incorporate their own icons and symbols. Fee: $ 100 + individual costs for supplies. Milk and Eggs – Art camp for children 6 and up July 22-26 Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm You will be amazed what you can make from milk and egg cartons! I am going to show the children how to transform the most common package materials into masks and crowns, flower bouquets and birdhouses, and even a pirate ship! Fee: $ 100 + $ 10 for supplies. Back to school – Art camp for children 10 and up July 29 – August 2 Monday through Friday, 1-4 pm Get back into the mood with cute sewing projects for school. The participants will discover the relaxing effect of sewing by hand while making book covers, little pouches, and a pencil roll. As they go, they will learn a variety of decorative stitches and how to make appliqués. Fee: $ 100 + $ 15 for supplies.

Art Talk Monday: Exploring Abandonment at Crescent City Coffee

This week's Art Talk Monday is written by Sophia Maras, NCLAC Gallery Coordinator. On Sunday, March 3rd, The North Central LA Arts Council will present Becky Bennett’s paintings in the exhibit, “Exploring Abandonment”, at Crescent City Coffeehouse. An opening reception will be held on this day from 2- 4 pm with fresh coffee and treats from the Crescent City kitchen! With graduation the same weekend, this exhibition will be a great opportunity for visiting families to experience some of Ruston’s local artwork!

 Pack of Peppers

Becky Bennett, a self-taught artist, is the Herbert McElveen Professor of Management at Louisiana Tech University where her husband J Alan Bennett is also a business professor. Working full time and with three children in their teens, it would seem Bennett wouldn’t have time to relax, much less produce a body of artwork! Although her profession keeps her in the business world most of the time, Bennett thoroughly enjoys the painting process and feels that it allows her freedom from her left brain way of thinking, “being ‘proper’:  properly ‘put together’, properly restrained, properly rule-abiding.”


Bennett works with acrylic and oil paint to create energetic and colorful abstractions. Often in her paintings, a viewer may recognize a horizon line or a silhouette, creating a sense of curiosity. By breaking rules and trying new methods or ideas, Bennett regularly explores unknown paths through her work. As a result, she produces paintings with vibrant colors and surging energy!


With these quarterly exhibitions, NCLAC strives to expose the community to the artistic talents in and around Ruston. Thanks to Crescent City, NCLAC is able to provide a great deal of people with the opportunity to view exceptional artwork. Crescent City is a full-scale coffee bar serving a variety of beverages, in addition to pastries, salads, and a delicious lunch menu. Crescent City is now open 24/7 providing wifi and a fresh cup of coffee any time!

 Mountains in Evening

If you are interested in purchasing a work from “Exploring Abandonment” look for NCLAC’s Gallery Coordinator Sophia Maras or Executive Director Jessica Slaughter at the reception; contact NCLAC at 318-255-1450; or stop by the Dixie Center for the Arts Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.


To learn more about NCLAC and our programs visit or


NCLAC is supported in part by a grant from the Louisiana State Arts Council through the Louisiana Division of the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Partner News: Not-to-miss events!

Back when we had the "tornado scare" here in Ruston, the LA Tech School of Art's Louisiana Purchase reception was cancelled. Well, tonight's the night for the closing reception! Make sure to get over to the School of Art building to see this juried exhibition with works from around the country.

la purchase poster

from Jes Schrom, LA Tech SoA Professor and Gallery Committee member:

TONIGHT- LA Purchase closing reception!  Tuesday, February 19th, 5 - 7 pm

The closing reception for the Louisiana Purchase juried show is tonight! Last chance to see this fabulous exhibition. Food and refreshments provided, open to the public.

Juror, Dr. Paul Manoguerra, is unable to attend the closing, but we do hope to have an online video of his talk in the future. We will post when it is available for viewing.

The SOA Galleries are located in the F Jay Taylor Visual Arts Center at 1 Mayfield Street, Ruston, LA 71272 (between Tech Drive and Mayfield Street, next to the Natatorium, and across from A.E. Phillips School)

For more information, please call the School of Art at 318.257.3909

Hope to see you there!

Next up, the LA Tech Enterprise Center has a new exhibition that will be opening Friday night, Feb. 22.  Be sure to come out and see the Enterprise space transformed by LA Tech's School of Architecture

enterprise opening poster

from Robert Brooks, Professor in LA Tech's School of Architecture:

An interesting exhibition: Based in the realm of Interior Design Theory, the installation explores the conceptual underpinnings and relative perception of time, place and desire. The opening reception is this Friday, February 22 from 6-8 at the Louisiana Tech University Enterprise Center. It is free and open to the public. We hope to see you there.

For more information, please contact Hannah Bustamante of the Enterprise Center, or 318.257.3890.

Art Talk Monday: Silent Auction Thanks

On Saturday, February 2, we at the North Central Louisiana Arts Council held our annual Silent Auction in conjunction with Ruston Civic Symphony Society's Krewe of Allegro Mardi Gras Ball. This fundraiser is always an important event for NCLAC, as it provides support for our upcoming Summer Arts Camps. We must say a huge thank you to our dedicated donors who provided artwork, goods and services to make the event possible. Thanks also to the buyers who took advantage of the great deals that were offered.  This annual event wouldn’t be possible without Committee Chair Catherine McVea, and our continued partnership with Ruston Civic Symphony Society. panoramic

2013 donors include:

Grambling State University, Devine Wines and Spirits, Carol Dreyfus, Chartreuse Pear, Masur Museum of Art, Follette Pottery, Nicole Duet, Frank Hamrick, Joey Slaughter, Christiane Drieling, Dorene Kordal,Whitney Caskey, Julie Crews, Beth Holland, Laura Glen Lawson, Linda and Gaylon Head, Lewis Boutique, Dean Dablow, Tommie Sue Slaughter, Tommie Main,

Mary Louise Carter, Casey Parkinson, The Attic and Boardwalk Salon, Elizabeth English,

Bruce VanZandt, Kathy Stone and Kristy Bowler of Sassytown, Linda Snider Ward, Catherine McVea, Embellishments, The Fashion, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Rogers Furniture, Hart Associates,

Baldwin's Jewelers, Dianne Douglas, Cleaners of Ruston, Locker Room of Ruston, Dowling's Smokehouse, Saul Zalesch, Raising Cane's, Jonathan Donehoo, Karen Webre, Bodie's Furniture, Peter Jones, Sara Albritton, Susan Roach, Hooshang Khorasani, Stitchville, Fine Line Art Supply, Dixie Center for the Arts, Larry Jarrell, John Emory, Jr., Jeffery Hankins, John and Nancy Wallace, Patrick Miller, Denise Jones of Georgia Bell's General Store, Patricia Tait Jones, Marie Bukowski, Jay Gould, Lawn Works of Louisiana, Jes Schrom, Jean McWeeney and Lisa Mullikan.

The auction provides organizational support for NCLAC so that we may continue to serve our region through programs that include arts education, exhibitions and performances. Children’s booths at the Ruston Farmer’s Market and the Junior Auxiliary’s Dinner and a Movie, as well as multi-disciplinary arts camps for children in the summer, are part of our service to the community.  If you would like to be involved with our endeavors, visit our website at to see the scope of our arts programming. NCLAC is supported in part by a grant from the Louisiana State Arts Council through the Louisiana Division of the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Sara Sullivan

Lynne Gnemi, Bill Gnemi and Libby English

Dr. Donald Kaczvinsky

Craig and Laura Miller, Joey and Jessica Slaughter

Scotland Stout, Celia Lewis and Julia Kaczvinsky at RCSS' Mardi Gras Ball and NCLAC's Silent Auction

2nd Line at RCSS's Mardi Gras Ball and NCLAC's Silent Auction

Take note: Entertainment and Education

In today's Member News, check out upcoming entertainment in town, as well as new art class options. NCLAC partner, the Dixie Center for the Arts, has an exciting show coming up on February 23 at 7pm. We know the Dixie Center for the Arts is

         Krewe of Swing

the place to go for the best variety of great music in town, and this show is no exception. The Krewe of Swing is sure to be a fun evening. Tickets are $20 general admission, $5 students, or a season ticket. I went to the show last year with my children, and it was an entertaining family night, but would also make a perfect date night.

With their New Orleans influenced sound and energetic style,The Krewe of Swing is a six piece ensemble you wouldn't want to miss.

The Krewe of Swing is the smaller group of the critically acclaimed Fort Worth Jazz Orchestra. The Orchestra's founder and director,New Orleans Native and Grammy Awarded jazz drummer Adonis Rose selected members from the FWJO to form The Krewe of Swing in the fall of 2009.

Since then the ensemble has been featured at events throughout the states of Texas and Louisiana. Scat Jazz Lounge, located in Fort Worth's Sundance Square, has become the band's home as they entertain tourists from around the world. The sounds of Bourbon Street electrify Sundance Square during the weekly "Nawlins Nights" show.

The Krewe of Swing Members

Alcedrick Todd - Trumpet- Grand Prairie,TX Chris Milyo - Tenor Saxaphone- Arlinton,TX Phil Joseph -Trombone-Desoto,TX Michael Palma- Piano- Dallas,TX Bach Norwood- Bass-Monroe,LA J.E. McKissic-vocals- Arlington,TX  

NCLAC member artist Christiane Drieling announces her new program Brush Hour: Art Projects for People of All Ages. An Open House will be held March 23.

Christiane says:

I am excited to present you with the very first Brush Hour program. “Brush Hour” is meant to be the opposite of “rush hour” – a time to relax, to contemplate, and to enjoy, especially after a long day of school or work. I have prepared lots of interesting art classes where people of all ages can learn new skills and create unique pieces. Most classes I will teach myself. In addition, fiber artist Rachel Johnston will come in, and show and introduce you to her specialties. For children's classes with more than 4 registered participants, I plan to have a second teacher in the room. With 8 spaces per class, the classes are small. – So register soon!

She has classes scheduled for the entire year, but for today we'll share the next few months with you. If you have questions or are ready to register, please call Christiane at: 318-255-7422, or email her at:

Classes for Adults

Decoupage – “Wine & Design”

April 3 – May 22 (8 weeks)

Wednesdays, 7-9 pm

In this class you will learn various decoupage techniques and practice them on different objects and surfaces like ceramic, wood, and metal. One of these decoupage techniques I learned in Germany, and I look forward to sharing it with you. Also, I will show you how to add painted details to your pieces to make them especially unique. The projects include coasters, plates, serving trays, vases, and pendants. Fee: $ 110 + $ 15 for supplies.

Batik – “Wine & Design”

April 5 – May 24 (8 weeks)

Fridays, 7-9 pm

Batik is a special way of painting on fabric and an art form that always gives you amazing results. The original Batik uses hot wax to make the contours of the design. I am going to show you an updated version based on a certain type of glue that is easier to work with and leads to the same results. The technique itself is not difficult to learn; however, it requires a little bit of planning in order to achieve the intended outcome. The projects include table cloths, pillow cases, book covers, and note cards. Fee: $ 110 + $ 20 for supplies.


Beaded JewelryWorkshop for teenagers and adults

May 4-5

Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 pm

In this workshop I will introduce you to basic beading techniques such as stringing, crimping, and attaching clasps. You will play around with different beads and findings and their combinations, and work on designs for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. These would make nice presents for Mother's Day (May 11)! Fee: $ 55 + individual costs for supplies ($ 5-10).

Workshops and Art Days for Children and Teenagers

Let's orbit! – Workshop for children 6 and up

April 13-14 (tax day weekend)

Saturday and Sunday, 1-4 pm

Soup cans, bottle caps, electronic and plumbing supplies, and lots of packaging material are waiting to become a universe of satellites and spaceships, robots and aliens. The children will build and paint their objects and use wires and hardware instead of glue in order to hold the parts together. Fee: $ 45 + $ 5 for supplies.

Play with your food! – Art Day for children 3 and up

May 3 (parent/teacher conference day)

Friday, 9 am – 3 pm

This day is meant both for younger and older children. The projects will allow the young children to explore the materials and come up with surprising results. In the meantime, the older ones can apply their more advanced skills to more specific project ideas. During the first three hours we will make legumes, rice, and pasta mosaics on boxes and picture frames. The last three hours we will work with salt dough and sculpt it into everlasting decorative pieces, like ornaments and wreaths. Fee: $ 45 + $ 5 for supplies

Half days from 9 am to 12 pm or from 12 to 3 pm are available for $ 25 including supply fee.

Take note: Member News

Education/Interaction Opportunity NCLAC artist member, Carriage House Art, just sent me this bit of news. Sounds exciting! Give Patricia a call and go be inspired and productive at Carriage House!

Dear Artists,

Do you feel the creative forces flowing? Hope so! Cause it's time again for PAINT YOUR ART OUT! The Carriage House is going to offer paint nights on Wednesday for the month of February. The weather is awful and there's a real need to be stimulated in a creative way.

So here's the deal. We will start on February 6th and continue with Feb 13th Feb 20 and last Feb 27. We'll start at 6:30 with snacks and drinks and then get to work.

If you carriage houseare in the mood to just splash and play with paint OR receive instruction in painting basics, we can accommodate either. You could work up a project that appeals to you or use one of the classroom setups that will be ready in the studio. We will try to design  your experience to your preferences.

The class fee is $30 per class with all materials being provided. This includes paint, canvases, wine, drinks and snacks. There is a minimum class size so if we don't get the enrollment we need, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule. Please pay for the month on the first night. We will offer makeup classes for a night you may have to miss.

What else? Please email or call with questions. I'm excited to be getting to paint with you. It's time to get back to work!!

Patricia Jones 318-436-1077

Our website is so visit to see what events are being scheduled.

Silent Auction Update

Folks all around are donating to our upcoming silent auction, which is being held in conjunction with Ruston Civic Symphony Society's Mardi Gras Ball. This annual event, the Krewe of Allegro Ball, will be February 2 at 7pm at the Ruston Civic Center. Tickets are $60, and include dinner by Campatori Catering, entertainment by the Buddy Terzia Band, 2 complimentary drinks and a cash bar. Dancing and fabulous silent auction items top the night off right.

Many local artists, merchants and individuals are donating to the auction, which benefits NCLAC's education programs.  Today I'd like to mention a handful of early-bird member artists who made the commitment to donate to the event, as well as early-bird businesses who continue to offer help throughout the year.

Early-bird Member Artists


  •  Dorene Kordal
  •  Laura Glen Lawson Carlson
  •  Beth Holland


  •  Whitney Anderson Caskey
  •  Julie Crews    even more looking second line 1
  •  Peter Jones
  •  Joey Slaughter
  •  Frank Hamrick

3D/Functional Work

  •  Christiane Drieling
  •  Follette Pottery
  •  Casey Parkinson

Early-bird Businesses/Organizations

  • Chartreuse Pear
  • Devine Wines and Spirits
  • Rogers Furniture
  • Masur Museum of Art
  • Dixie Center for the Arts

For tickets to this fundraiser, give us a call at our office: 255-1450. The NCLAC office and the Dixie Box Office, both at the same number, can help you with ticket inquiries.

New Website

Lastly for today's post....HAVE YOU SEEN OUR NEW WEBSITE?!  Our incredible intern Caitlin Craighead has been diligently building a new site for us and I'm so happy to say it's now live! Go check it out at

Take Note: Member News

Featured Artist: NCLAC Board Member and artist Marlen Waters was recently featured in the Monroe News Star, in a story titled Laugh, Love, Letter & Paintwhich is the title of her exhibition at the River Gallery in West MonroeThe story is linked here. We are proud she's a part of our organization, and she serves as a good model for artists in the region. The arts permeate Marlen's life. She's involved in numerous arts organizations in the region, in addition to being included on the artist roster. This roster is an important link in networking with other artists. Marlen is quoted:

I enjoy color — and lots of it, and the energy that the paint has when it is applied to the paper or canvas. I use latex, inks and acrylic paints on paper and canvas and let the paint tell me what the painting is to become. I also do a combination of calligraphic lettering worked into colorful abstract compositions. I still remember as a small child tracing letters from the covers of magazines, changing them, embellishing them and marveling at how their parts fit together.

Marlen is the featured artist for January at the River Gallery (formerly the Ouachita River Art Gallery) in West Monroe. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Stitchville, Ruston's one-stop-shop for knitting and sewing supplies, is holding winter sewing classes. This week, there's a Kid's Sewing Class Tuesday (tonight) from 4:00-5:30 or Thursday 3:00-4:30 (pick the most convenient time slot) The fee is $25/class when signing up for 4 or less, $20/class when attending more than 4

And as always,  there's the always-fun Open Knit Night each Tuesday from 6-8. It's an encouraging, positive setting to work on projects and share tips.

For more info about Stitchville, call Allie at (318) 255-6446


Opening tonight is Louisiana Purchase, 2nd Annual National Juried Exhibition at Louisiana Tech's School of Art. The show includes several NCLAC member artists: Joshua Chambers, Julie Crews, Jake Dugard, Peter Hay and Sophia Maras. The exhibition runs from January 15-February 19, with a Juror Talk, by Dr. Paul Manoguerra,  this afternoon at 5pm. Thanks to Jonathan Donehoo for posting this lovely photo as a sneak peak of the show.


Take note: Member News

Hello there. Today we're sharing some of our member news. First up, NCLAC Artist Member Rachel Johnston, who posts the weekly Art Ed Wednesday, has her new class schedule for the Spring. For pricing, registration or more info, contact her at

From Rachel:

Developmental Art (3-5 years)

My developmental art classes focus on the process of creating, rather than the end result. This age group thrives on process, and it is important for them to be able to freely explore art materials and techniques without too much of an end result in mind. I personally believe that some of the most beautiful art you'll ever see is created by preschoolers who were given the opportunity to do it all by themselves! I help them and gently guide them when needed, but I feel that my job in this class is mostly to set up the materials and provide the children with a space and time to explore art without expectations from me. I plan all classes to be developmentally appropriate for each student. My classes are small so this allows for plenty of one on one time with each child, and I can cater to their individual art needs. This year I will start offering a 15 week session for this class. If your child has been in the 10 week session and you'd prefer to continue doing that, you may. But if your child would enjoy 5 extra weeks in each session, I am now offering that as an option.

Sensory art (18 months-3 years)

This is an exciting new class for toddlers! Sensory play is beneficial for this age group, and I will give children the opportunity to explore a wide range of textures, colors, art materials, and more. Various clays & doughs, water trays, sensory bags and boxes and more will be part of this class. In each class I will show Mom (or Dad..or Grandma or whoever brings the student!) how to put together each activity so that they can do them at home if they wish. Many of these projects are fairly simple, yet have a big impact on your child's development. I will be offering 2 intro classes to start with, where I will talk a bit about my plans for this session, and we will work on two projects together. I will also show a variety of upcoming projects as well, so that you'll know what to look forward to if you sign up. Sign up sheets will be available at these classes. If you can't attend one of these but you are interested, or would like more information, get in touch with me. After these demo classes I will finalize plans for days, times, etc. for weekly classes.

Next, we have Louisiana Tech's School of Performing Arts and their  Opera Workshop: Love and Luck.

The Louisiana Tech University Theatre is proud to announce the cast for the Winter Quarter production of Opera Workshop: Love and Luck, directed by Dr. Lisa Maxedon. Performances are scheduled to run January 15-16 and 18-19 at 7:30 pm in Stone Theatre, located in the Howard tech theatre imageCenter for the Performing Arts, on the Corner of Adams Boulevard and West Arizona Avenue.

The Box Office, located in the lobby of Howard Auditorium, will open for general admission Tuesday, January 7th. Tickets are $12 for adults, $5 for students and continuing education with valid I.D., $8 for children (under 14) and seniors (65 or older), $7 for groups (10 or more). Tickets can also be purchased.

Destiny…fortune….fate! This year’s Opera Workshop is an evening of scenes and songs from classics both old and new in the American Musical Theatre canon. Pirates of Penzance, A Game of Chance, Gypsy, Beauty and the Beast and many other Broadway favorites are featured in this fantastic production. A true collaboration within the School of the Performing Arts, Opera Workshop showcases the talents of both the Music and Theatre department and gives you a night of unforgettable musical performances.

The cast includes Chastin Seeby, Christian Amos, Adam Garcia, Travis Hearold, Bryant Williams, Ryan Willis, Alyce Tarver, Melanie Slack, Rebecca Harris, Valerie Lott, Travis Hearold, Destiny Garcia, Carolyn Smith, Michelle Coker, Katherine Finney, Jamie Robinson, Olivia Loewer, Christian Amos, Alicia Goodman, Brooke Jones With Dr. Laura Thompson as Game Show Host, Dr. Sean Teets as the Special Guest, and Accompanist Shayla Blake.

NCLAC Board Member Dr. Jeffery R. Hankins, an Associate Professor of History at Louisiana Tech University, was invited to join the international advisory board for the British Scholar Society, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to Britain’s interactions in the world from the seventeenth century to the present, to concentrate British history during the 1600s and 1700s. Congratulations to Dr. Hankins! You can read more about this special opportunity here.

Several NCLAC student artist members will be exhibiting at Louisiana Tech's Enterprise Center, with the opening reception this Friday, January 11, from 6-8pm. The show is comprised of work by first and second year MFA students. Make plans to attend. Louisiana Tech's MFA program is thriving; be sure to see these young artists' works!

Membership....cornerstone of our success

The NCLAC office is gearing up for an exciting 2013, and we want to take this opportunity to thank our members for their support. As a regional arts council, with many people to serve, a strong membership base makes what we do possible. In my 2 years with NCLAC, I’ve become incredibly connected with the work we do. I believe in the connections we forge, and the communities we serve. A membership with our organization helps us serve our five parish region by fostering arts opportunities throughout the year. At various times throughout the year we hold fundraisers and fund drives for specific programming, and those donations are invaluable.

Summer Arts Camp student

Scholarships for students to attend Summer Arts Camp, for example, are directly provided by Pick Your Picasso donations. However, membership provides a strong base of support that we need to plan our year of programming.

My Vision My Voice, a photojournalism workshop, in Bienville Parish

I realize sometimes it's hard to keep tabs on when memberships expire.  One easy way to do this is to renew your memberships at the beginning of each year. So in January, when you're feeling fresh and hopeful about the new year, go ahead and renew with your organizations. It makes "sending the check" easy to remember, and it gives nonprofits a good start for the new year as well.

There are benefits to a NCLAC membership as well, in addition to the intrinsic reward. All members receive our quarterly newsletter, discounted tuition for Arts Academy Classes and Summer Arts Camp, as well as an invitation to our Annual Meeting and Holiday Party.  Artist members receive assistance with exhibition promotion and grants. Guardian members receive an invitation to the Holiday Arts Tour Artist Party. Benefactor members receive 2 VIP tickets to Artoberfest. These and other membership benefits are listed on the membership page of our blog.

Art education, exhibitions, performances, lectures, workshops...all of these begin in our office and are spread throughout Lincoln, Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson and Union. With a Board of Directors who come from each parish, NCLAC makes steps every year to better serve the needs of our region. NCLAC is a busy place, doing a lot with a little. With Student memberships of $15, to Angel memberships of $1000, each member is a valued part of our organization.

Will you please take a moment to renew your membership? Or perhaps you've never been a member? We'd love for you to join us! Feel free to stop by our office to fill out the official membership form, or you can mail a check to PO Box 911, Ruston, LA 71273. We also have a Paypal donation button to the right of your screen for your convenience.

If you have any questions, or would like to get more involved with any of our programs, feel free to call our office at (318) 255-1450. We have committees and other volunteer opportunities that may be just what you’re looking for.

Thank you for your  support of the North Central Louisiana Arts Council.

Danny Lee and Dave (and Dave) perform for Holiday Arts Tour

Annual Meeting and Holiday Party mingling

Art Talk Monday: Melanie Douthit at Crescent City


This week's Art Talk Monday written by Sophia Maras, NCLAC Gallery Coordinator

On September 9th, Louisiana artist Melanie Fitzgerald Douthit will be presenting her paintings in a show entitled, “True Colors”, at Crescent City Coffee House. The North Central Louisiana Arts Council is pleased to partner with Crescent City Coffee to represent Melanie this September. The opening reception will be held from 2-4pm on that Sunday, September 9th, but her work will continue to hang in the coffeehouse through late November.

Melanie works in acrylic and watercolor, as well as creating mixed-media collages. Her work reflects the things she loves such as flowers, animals and music. They are bright and cheerful, and will liven up a room. She enjoys working with her hands and incorporating both color and texture into her designs. With her work, she says she strives to “reach higher than I’ve been before and to continue to enjoy the creative journey.”

Melanie is a full-time artist and free-lance craft designer, living in Monroe, LA. Her work is nationally-shown and her paintings have been collected by Mimi’s Café Restaurant in over 30 locations nationwide. Her work is also held in private collections internationally. In 2004, her artistic endeavors branched out towards the paper craft industry, and since then her paper creations have been published in national craft consumer magazines such as Crafts n Things, CardMaker and Just Cards.

NCLAC enjoys partnering with Crescent City Coffee on their quarterly art exhibitions. It is a full-scale coffee bar serving a variety of beverages, in addition to pastries, salads, and a delicious lunch menu. Open daily from 6am-12pm, they offer a fresh brewed cup of Joe any time!

If you are interested in purchasing a work in “True Colors” look for NCLAC’s Executive Director Jessica Slaughter or Gallery Coordinator Sophia Maras at the reception. However, if you decide after the reception that you must have one of Melanie’s cheerful paintings, it won’t be too late! You may contact NCLAC at 318-255-1450, or stop by the Dixie Center for the Arts Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

So join us Sunday, September 9th from 2-4pm, for some beautiful artwork, fresh coffee and sweet treats!

RCT Auditions for Nana's Naughty Knickers

Ruston Community Theatre announces auditions for Nana’s Naughty Knickers

Written by:                 Katherine DiSavino and Directed by: Allie Bennett

Production dates:         September 27-30, 2012

Presented by:             Ruston Community Theatre

Auditions:                 Thursday, July 12, 6:30pm & Saturday, July 14, 10am

Where:                        Dixie Center for the Arts 212 N. Vienna, Ruston, LA

Audition Roles: 10 Characters-5 females and 3 to 6 males.

The Story: Bridget is staying with her favorite Nana for the summer. It seems her sweet Nana is running an illegal boutique from her apartment, selling hand-made lingerie to senior citizens! Will her Nana get arrested or evicted? Comedy.


The following cast members are needed for the production:

Sylvia Charles: Female age 55-80. A spitfire octogenarian, the mastermind behind a “mature” lingerie line.

Vera Walters: Female age 55-80. Sylvia’s best friend and sidekick.

Clair: Female age 45-65. The big client.

Bridget Charles: Female age 20-35. Sylvia’s granddaughter, a total rule follower.

Heather Van Pree: Female age 20-35. A go getter with a “pay by hour” sense of style.

Tom O’Grady: Male age 25-35. A New York Cop. Loves his job and the Charles’.

Gil Schmidt: Male age 45-65. The wealthy landlord.

2 to 3 men ages 25-35. To play two UPS men and a voice at the front desk.

No experience or preparation needed. It is helpful to attend both auditions, but not required. TELL A FRIEND ABOUT AUDITIONS!

NCLAC Member to Exhibit in Joplin, MO

NCLAC member and past gallery intern Ashley Feagin was recently accepted into PhotoSpiva 2012.  From 884 images submitted by 156 photographers, only 88 were selected. Feagin's work will be on display at the Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, Missouri from March 10th to May 6th.  An opening reception and awards ceremony will be held on March 9th from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

To learn more about PhotoSpiva go to  To learn more about Ashley Feagin and her work visit

In the Loop

In the Loop is a weekly blog post sharing information important to artists and arts lovers.  This week's post is contributed by Jessica Slaughter, NCLAC's Educational Coordinator. February is starting off with a bang-- just look at all these performances, exhibitions and parties coming up!

Plan your fun:

Thursday, Feb 2 at 7:30pm  Louisiana Tech's String Area Recital at Howard Recital Hall                                                     

Friday the 3rd or Saturday the 4th  at 7:30pm Louisiana Tech's The Adventures of Robin Hood at Stone Theatre (show runs Jan.31st-Feb.4th)

Sunday, Feb 5 from 2-4pm Assembling Intimacy, Photography by Bess Bieluczyk at Crescent City Coffee, presented by NCLAC

Monday, Feb 6 at 7:30pm Louisiana Tech's Winter Percussion Ensemble at Howard Recital Hall                                

Tuesday, Feb 7 at 6pm  Art Reception  at Louisiana Tech's School of Art - Main Gallery: Hatch Show Print; Bellocq Gallery: Susan Mullally

Thursday, Feb 9 at 6pm Outside In Art Reception at Masur Museum of Art in Monroe                                                        

Friday, Feb 10 from 6-8pm Art from the GUT (Grambling, ULM, LaTech) Art Reception at Louisiana Tech's Enterprise Center

Saturday, Feb 18 from 7pm-12am Krewe of Allegro Mardi Gras Ball at Ruston Civic Center, presented by Ruston Civic Symphony Society


NCLAC Member to Exhibit in Baton Rouge

NCLAC member Joshua Chambers has been accepted into Surreal Salon IV, presented by Baton Rouge Gallery center for contemporary art (BRGCCA). The exhibition will feature pop-surrealism/lowbrow art from more than 50 artists representing 21 states.
Surreal Salon IV is aimed at engaging audiences in a multi-sensory art experience and shedding light on the growing popularity and exceptional quality of the pop-surrealist/lowbrow movement. This exciting and irreverent movement has come to the forefront of American contemporary art in recent years and Surreal Salon IV will celebrate all the reasons why.
This exhibition will be held from January 3 - 26, 2012 at BRGCCA. The exhibition will feature 65 works by more than 50 artists representing 21 different states. This multi-discipline show will include everything from paintings to sculptures, video art to photography and more.
On Saturday, January 21, 2012, BRGCCA will host The Surreal Salon Soiree, a costumed soiree in honor of Surreal Salon IV, from 7 - 11 p.m. This will be an exciting evening of visual art, live musical performances from Mobley (Austin, TX) and Prom Date (Baton Rouge, LA), surrealist games and costumed attendees channeling their own pop-surreal visions. The event will be held at BRGCCA inside Baton Rouge's historic City Park (1515 Dalrymple Dr.).
The work selected by the exhibition's juror as "Best in Show" will be displayed in an upcoming issue of BOTH Juxtapoz Magazine and Hi-Fructose Magazine. The artist's work will appear (w/ title, medium and dimensions listed) along with their name & website and will be recognized as "Best in Show" for Surreal Salon IV.
The Special Guest Juror for Surreal Salon IV is artist Casey Weldon. Currently a Southern California resident, Weldon graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. His unique works have ben exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S. including Gallery1988 (Los Angeles, CA), Trifecta Gallery (Las Vegas, NV), C.A.V.E. Gallery (Venice, CA) and Distinction Gallery (Escondido, CA) among others. Weldon's work has also been published in such notable publications as Juxtapoz Magazine, Hi-Fructose Magazine and Vanity Fair (Italy). Weldon's time is divided between commercial illustration work and his own distinctive fine art. The line between Weldon's commercial illustration work and his distinctive fine art sometimes blurs when he draws on widely recognized figures-as in his work for the "Quentin Vs. Coen" show (Bold Hype in New York City) and his off-kilter portraits of actor Bill Murray, "Murray Time."
Any questions related to Surreal Salon IV should be directed to Baton Rouge Gallery via email or phone at 225.383.1470.