Carriage House Artists

Hello Everyone! My name is Sophia Maras and I am working for NCLAC as the Gallery Coordinator. As we all anticipate the upcoming Holiday Arts Tour this November, several artist introductions are being made! Today, I will be introducing some of the artists who will be at the Carriage House studio. Owned and run by Patricia Jones and Laura Lewis, the Carriage House is a studio located at 101 E. Maryland St. in Ruston, LA. Patricia and Laura's dream for the studio is to give the artist community a venue for occasions such as art workshops, social gatherings, or art exhibitions.For this years tour, the Carriage House will be hosting the following artists: Patricia Jones, Laura Lewis, Maggie Boudreax, Andi Moran, Robert Moran, Casey Parkinson, Catherine McVea, and Annie W. Richardson.

Exciting right?! All of these amazing artists in one studio stop! Today, I will introduce the artists working with painting, drawing and collage...

Patricia Jones, a local Rustonian, has been painting since her early years in her undergrad at Louisiana Tech, where she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts as well as a Masters in Art Education.Patricia's artwork is inspired by old, crumbling and deserted buildings that make us value what history and mystery is left in the architecture. Using the old master’s palette she has recently begun exploring the beauty and unique artistry which some of the simplest things in life may bring to her artwork with her series entitled, "At My Feet."

Catherine McVea works in a similar manner to Patricia,with her still life and landscape paintings and drawings.  She approaches her subjects formally, studying the relationships and simplicity of its beauty. By using alternate materials and mediums, such as collage and oil or soft pastels, Catherine explores the multitude of ways to express something about a subject matter.

Maggie Boudreaux was surrounded by artists, such as her mother Patricia Jones, grandmother Joy Tait, and family friend Catherine McVea. Through that encouragement and experience, Maggie became a fine artist, who also now works at AE Phillips teaching Talented Art and Art Classes.  Maggie's work explores her questions about life and is inspired by our every day's natural beauty. With her work she hopes to evoke an emotion from her audience through artistic elements such as line, shape, and color. She uses a variety of techniques and mediums, including painting, various types of papers, glue, stitching, or stitching.  Each piece of her artwork is uniquely experimental and exciting!

Annie W. Richardson allows her intuition to play a large part in her creative process, through which she creates work representing passages in time. Through different techniques, such as mixed media application, brush stroke variations, calligraphy additions, and mark making, Annie creates paintings that speak from the heart and represent her personal history.

Stay tuned to the blog for tomorrow's continuation of the Carriage House artists! I will then introduce the sculptural, architectural, and ceramics side of this studio space!