Call for Entry Friday (But we need you!!!)

Today instead of posting our typical "call for entry friday" I would like to share a letter from the LPAA (Louisiana Partnership for the Arts Advocacy) asking you to write their representatives about arts funding in the state of Louisiana.  Often times these pleas seem abstract and disconnected from our everyday lives.  But I wanted to give some reference points to our supporters.  These funds will directly impact NCLAC's programming and function in our community.  Many of our programs including Educational Outreach, Live Performances, Holiday Arts Tour, and Workshops would face drastic cuts or elimination if the proposed cuts pass.  Please take a moment and take action today.  We appreciate all your support and participation in our programs. 

Leigh Anne Chambers, NCLAC Executive Director


Thank you to those who have already made their views knows to the Finance Committee. If you've not yet done so, PLEASE take just 3 or 4 minutes to let the members know that the health of our arts industry is critically important. On Saturday, representatives of the Louisiana Partnership for Arts Advocacy will testify before the Senate Finance Committee. Your messages MUST reinforce their efforts. Don't put it off--sending a message is fast and easy. Go to then type in your zip code under “Write Your Legislators” and click “GO.” You’ll be taken to our “Action Alert” page where under “Louisiana” you should click on “Take Action” to be taken to the message to the members of the Senate Finance Committee. If you want to personalize the message with a personal experience or as a member of an arts organization that will be affected, please do so at the beginning of the message, but PLEASE do not change the balance of the message as written.

Please contact members of the Committee NOW in support of LPAA’s testimony encouraging the Senators to add an additional $1 million for both the Decentralized Arts Funding Program and the Statewide Arts Grants. And, PLEASE pass this message on to your friends, relatives and anyone else who wants to continue to enjoy the cultural and educational programs that we’ve all come to expect from our arts organizations. We need our message to be heard loud and clear in Baton Rouge! Remember, Art WORKS for Louisiana!

Tommy Usrey, Chairman Gerd Wuestemann, Advocacy Vice Chairman Louisiana Partnership for Arts Advocacy