Bistro Art Opening

On Wednesday, May 11, the North Central Louisiana Arts Council (NCLAC) and 102 a Bistro will present “Ruston En Plein Air”, an exciting new exhibition of landscape painting. Join us from 5-7 p.m. as we celebrate the works of Peter Jones’s landscape painting class.  Featured artists will include

  • Lisa Mullikin
  • Lana Langston
  • Whitney Anderson
  • Carol Plamondon
  • Rebekah Schlehuber
  • Danie Moore
  • Laura Eberhart
  • Derek Poole
  • Emily Medlin
  • Rachel Boguille
  • Gabrielle Gaspard
  • Catherine McVea
  • Noula Rodakis
  • Emma Case

 The artwork featured will be landscape paintings of the Ruston area and Tech Farm.  Mr. Jones remarked that Tech Farm provides rich scenic views that are perfect for this particular genre of painting. 

Below are some quotes from featured artists about landscape painting. 

“The challenge in landscape painting is to select from the richness of detail at hand and then to express a sense of this on the canvas. There is always more to learn about both the environment and the painting process and I relish the challenge. The wonder of both is that there is always more to see and learn.”  Catherine McVea

"To me, landscape painting represents a sort of journey. I always paint  places where I spend a lot of time or simply details of a landscape that appeal to me. Each painting depicts a spot that sparks some kind of feeling within me." Rebekah Schlehuber

"I think landscape painting is a way of capturing an atmosphere. It brings unique light and colors to a canvas that can only be captured in nature. landscapes speak to peoples emotions in a way that most other subject cannot." Gabrielle Gaspard

"Landscapes inspire my artwork conceptually and representational. I enjoy the leisure of painting outside while struggling through the values and shapes of the landscape. Ruston offers  a variety of interesting landscapes to paint ranging from urban streets to open fields." Lana Langston