Big weekend for the Arts

Hello there, arts enthusiasts. There are three exciting art events taking place in our area right now, beginning tonight, November 8. This is a weekend ripe with viewing pleasure. The following descriptions are taken from the Lincoln Parish Library, Masur Museum of Art, and Louisiana Tech Enterprise Center. The first is the opening reception for artist Stephan Wanger at Lincoln Parish Library tonight from 5-7pm. German-born artist Stephan Wanger lives in New Orleans and channels his energy into assembling dazzling mosaics working in recycled Mardi Gras beads. Working in a photo-realistic style, Wanger recreates scenes, images and icons of Louisiana to help bring awareness to the world of the innate beauty and wonder of Louisiana's rich culture and varied communities.

Next, head to Monroe tomorrow to the Masur Museum to view the new Shaye Dark exhibit, titled Human|Nature. Shayne Dark lives and works in Ontario, Canada.  His art examines the difference between spaces directly created and administered by mankind as well as those that exist separately or on their margins. Dark’s work exists in both realms by using materials such as natural looking wood and boldly colored paint with an industrial feel.  This is also seen in the way Dark's sculptures, which are often recognizable sections from trees, seem to sprout from gallery walls and floors. The dialog created between viewers of his sculptures and the spaces they occupy is meant to prompt a thoughtful investigation of man's existence within nature. In addition to work inside the museum, Shayne has been in residence all week working on a sculpture created from a tree that was cut on the museum's grounds.

Finally, head to Louisiana Tech's Enterprise Center tomorrow evening, November 9, from 6-8pm, for the opening reception of artist Nicole Duet's paintings, titled Ghost Cycles. Nicole is a faculty member of Louisiana Tech's School of Art. Her use of color and light show mastery of the tools, and make for an exceptional viewing experience. In this body of work, Duet has taken poignant moments or encounters and has frozen them in space and time. The subjects in the painting are at times blurred giving the definite feeling that what is being captured is active and in motion. The work strongly conveys the idea of transition and the need to define one’s sense of self.

So, no complaining about this weekend--go out and see some art!